UAV Orlan-10, released in February 2022, uses a thermal imager with a Lynred matrix. ZSU imprisoned him with the help of a slipper (video)

By: Anry Sergeev | 18.05.2022, 12:47
UAV Orlan-10, released in February 2022, uses a thermal imager with a Lynred matrix. ZSU imprisoned him with the help of a slipper (video)

Pavel Kashchuk, founder of the automotive site  and host of the eponymous YouTube channel, published another one on his Facebook video , where he demonstrated the latest model of the Russian Orlan-10 drone, produced in February 2022 and equipped with a thermal imaging camera. The researcher notes several important things: the quality of the assembly, compared with the previous copies of the "eagles" shot down by ZSU, has increased markedly. At the same time, almost the only part of the drone made in Russia is the parachute (and the outdated chip with a GPS module, which in new models was replaced with a more advanced and protected from electronic warfare, made in Israel). But the most important conclusion is the use of the Lynred thermal imager matrix, which confirms another fact of violation of the sanctions regime by this French company.

This is the most massive UAV model used by the Russian army (according to Wikipedia estimates they were produced from 1000 to 1500 pieces). The estimated price of the complex (usually it includes not only the drone itself, but also a catapult to launch it, rugged laptops for control, radio antennas, etc.) is $100,000. The newest Orlan-10 model fell into the hands of the ZSU, which was preserved in the best (compared to all other "eagles" shot down earlier) condition. According to Kashchuk and his colleague, this specimen did not use a parachute when landing, but was planted on its belly (a hint of the use of electronic warfare equipment).

Last but not least, the drone was able to land (by jamming its GPS signal), thanks to the old GPS module in the Russian-made MNP-M7 chip. The only protection against electronic warfare in this drone was ... foil on double-sided tape inside the tail section, where the GPS board is located (in the picture below). Usually, the new UAVs used a more advanced Kometa-M-VT board, apparently produced under an Israeli license, which made such a drone more difficult to jam. What is the reason for the return to the old board, unprotected from electronic warfare, in the new model, assembled in February 2022, is not clear. According to Kashchuk, this is more likely to be connected not with sanctions and war, but with corruption and theft. This made it possible, according to the blogger, to drown out the new Orlan-10, "knocking down with a slipper." 

What has changed in the new Orlan-10

Unlike previous drones of this class, shot down by ZSU, the new Orlan-10 has only a thermal imaging camera. This gives an advantage not only during night shooting (which is obvious), but also during daylight shooting, allowing you to "see" through the emerging foliage of trees. The main element of the thermal imager is the matrix Lynred PICO640-046, companies Lynred specializing in the production of infrared image sensors with over 35 years of experience and research in this field.

What the Lynred PICO640-046 module is capable of

According to specifications on the manufacturer's website, the Lynred PICO640-046 module allows you to create an image with a resolution of 640x480 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 hertz. It is certified to military standards MIL883, which allows it to operate in the temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, and has a 10-year warranty. When using optics with a focal length of 75 mm, this matrix allows you to detect a person (in the form of a single pixel) from a distance of 700 meters.

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