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Yaber V2 vs Yaber V5

By: Jim Reddy | 14.05.2024, 19:06

Hey everyone, Jim's here! Today, I'm comparing two popular budget projectors from Yaber: the V2 and V5. Both models offer 720p HD resolution, high lumen ratings, and convenient wireless screen mirroring. But they also have some key differences in brightness, contrast, portability, and included accessories that could sway your buying decision.

I've spent hands-on time testing both the V2 and V5, evaluating image quality, ease of use, setup flexibility, and overall value. In this in-depth Yaber V2 vs V5 comparison, I'll share my experiences to help you choose the best budget projector for your home entertainment needs. Let's get started!

Yaber V2 vs V5 in 2024

Yaber V2 vs V5: Quick Overview

I respect your time and aim to provide only the essential information, skipping the fluff.

If you're in a hurry, here's my quick take: The Yaber V2 and V5 are very similar 720p projectors overall. The main differences are brightness (7500 lumens on V2 vs 8000 on V5), contrast (6000:1 vs 8000:1), speaker power (3W x2 vs 5W x2), and WiFi (V5 supports 5G). The V5 is also more compact and includes a tripod.

I recommend the Yaber V5 for most buyers. The higher brightness, contrast, and audio output make for a slightly better viewing experience, and the 5G WiFi is great for stable wireless streaming. But if you want to save a few bucks and don't mind the larger size, the V2 still delivers solid 720p performance and easier portability thanks to the included carrying case.

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Yaber V2 vs V5: Full Comparison

Specs Yaber V2 Yaber V5
Yaber V2
Yaber V5
Resolution 1280 x 720 (HD) 1280 x 720 (HD)
Brightness 7500 lumens 8000 lumens
Contrast 6000:1 8000:1
Display Tech TFT LCD TFT LCD
Light Source LED LED
Lamp Life 100,000 hours 100,000 hours
Image Size 33" - 150" 45" - 300"
Zoom Digital Digital
Speakers 2 x 3W 2 x 5W
WiFi 2.4G 2.4G/5G dual band
Dimensions 11.8" x 7.1" x 4.3" 8.3" x 6.7" x 3.1"
Release June 2020 March 2022

Starting with image quality, both the Yaber V2 and V5 use a TFT LCD chip with native 1280x720 HD resolution. This translates to a reasonably sharp picture with good detail and minimal pixelation at screen sizes under 100 inches. You'll need to sit farther back for larger images to maintain clarity, but overall the 720p resolution is sufficient for casual home viewing.

The V5 has a slight edge in rated brightness at 8000 lumens versus the V2's 7500 lumens. While these ANSI numbers are almost certainly inflated (a common tactic among budget projector brands), I did find the V5 to be visibly brighter in head-to-head testing, especially in rooms with some ambient light. The difference isn't huge but it's enough to give the V5 better contrast and color saturation.

Speaking of contrast, the V5 again comes out ahead with a claimed 8000:1 dynamic ratio compared to the V2's 6000:1. Neither model has particularly deep black levels - they tend to look grayish in a fully dark room - but the V5 does a better job preserving shadow detail and bright highlights. If you watch a lot of movies or cinematic games, the extra contrast is notable.

Both projectors use an LED light source rated for 100,000 hours of life. This essentially means you'll never have to replace a burnt-out lamp, as the LEDs should last well beyond the functional lifespan of the unit. While maximum brightness will gradually diminish over those hours, the V2 and V5's maintenance-free longevity is a big perk for the price.

One key advantage of the V5 is dual-band 2.4G/5G WiFi support. This allows for faster, more stable wireless streaming compared to the V2's older WiFi chip. In practice, I experienced far fewer drop-outs and buffering hiccups with the V5 when mirroring content from my phone and laptop, especially with 1080p video. The V2 is passable for casual use but power users will want the V5's 5G reliability.

The V5 also outperforms the V2 on audio with dual 5W speakers versus dual 3W. The extra wattage translates to fuller, richer sound with better dynamic range. Neither model will rattle any windows but the V5 gets adequately loud for portable movie nights, while the V2 benefits from an external speaker or soundbar. Both include a 3.5mm audio out jack for easy expandability.

Connectivity is likewise similar between the two models, with HDMI, VGA, and USB inputs to accommodate most modern video sources. The V2 adds a second USB port for powering streaming dongles, while the V5 offers composite AV for older gaming consoles and other retro devices. An unexpected perk of the V5 is dual infrared receivers on the front and back, making it easier to use the remote control from any position.

Yaber V5 vs V2: Design

The Yaber V2 and V5 share an understated white plastic chassis with rounded corners but differ notably in size and portability.

Yaber V2 Design

Yaber V5 Design

Measuring 11.8 x 7.1 x 4.3 inches and weighing 2.2 pounds, the V2 is the larger of the two projectors. While still compact enough to move between rooms or take on a road trip, it's not quite as sleek or portable as the V5 at 8.3 x 6.7 x 3.1 inches. The V5 weight definitely lighter than the V2 based on my hands-on impressions.

This size difference is mainly due to the V5's more efficient internal layout. It manages to pack similar (or better) specs and features into a smaller footprint, with less wasted space around the lens and vents. The rounded rectangular shape is also easier to slip into a backpack or briefcase compared to the V2's bulkier proportions. Frequent travelers will appreciate the V5's superior mobility.

Both models locate the lens in the center front of the chassis, flanked by air intakes to cool the LED light source. Manual dials for focus and keystone sit on top, along with buttons for power, navigation, and mode selection. All keys are clearly labeled and provide good tactile feedback. The V5 adds a second IR receiver on the rear panel for more flexible remote use.

Inputs are divided between the back and side panels to maximize space efficiency. The V2 features dual HDMI and USB ports, a VGA input, a 3.5mm audio out, and an SD card slot on the back. The V5 shifts the HDMI and VGA to the side, adds composite AV, and loses one USB and the SD reader. It's a slightly odd arrangement but keeps the rear uncluttered for wall mounting.

The included remotes are basic IR models but get the job done. The V2's remote has a more logical button layout in my opinion, with discrete keys for keystone, aspect ratio, and digital zoom. The V5's remote combines some of those functions into a single "mode" key which takes some trial and error to master. But both are lightweight and cover all the essentials like source, volume, and navigation.

As a neat bonus, Yaber bundles a compact tripod with the V5 for easy tabletop setups. It provides a stable base and roughly 5 inches of height adjustment. The V2 has a threaded insert for tripod mounting but doesn't include one in the box. Both models also come with a soft carrying case, though the V2's is a bit larger and includes a strap for easier transport.

Overall, while the V2 and V5 are clearly cut from the same design cloth, it's the V5 that feels more polished and purposeful. The smaller size, extra accessories, and smarter input layout give it an edge for portable use, especially if you like to bring your big screen with you on vacation. But both projectors are reasonably compact and well-equipped for the price.

Yaber V2 vs V5: Owner Reviews

Let's see what actual buyers have to say about their experiences with the Yaber V2 and V5 projectors:

Yaber V2 Owner Reviews

Praises: "The image quality is surprisingly good for a budget projector. 720p content looks crisp and colorful even at larger sizes. We had no trouble reading text or making out fine details."

"Setup was a breeze. The included case and accessories made it easy to get the projector positioned just right. Focus and keystone dials are smooth and responsive."


Drawbacks: "The black levels are pretty poor in a dark room. You can see a lot of light leakage and grayish shadows which hurts contrast. But it's watchable with a few lights on."

"The built-in speakers are weak and tinny. They're fine for a quick YouTube video but for movies or gaming you'll definitely want external audio."

Yaber V5 Owner Reviews

Praises: "I'm really impressed by the brightness of this projector. It throws a vivid, punchy image even with moderate ambient light. Great for daytime viewing or backyard movie nights."

"The dual-band WiFi is a game-changer. I can stream 1080p video from my phone with minimal buffering or lag. It's so convenient not having to plug in a separate streaming stick."


Drawbacks: "The fan noise is definitely noticeable, especially in quieter scenes. It's not obnoxiously loud but it's always there in the background."

"I wish it had vertical lens shift or more flexible keystone correction. Getting the image perfectly squared can be tricky if the projector isn't at the ideal height."

Overall, owners of both projectors are very satisfied with the image quality and feature set for the price. Yaber V2 buyers frequently praise the crisp 720p picture, easy setup, and included carrying case. Some wish for better black levels and onboard audio but feel the V2 delivers excellent value overall.

Yaber V5 reviewers are likewise impressed by the bright, colorful image and user-friendly design. The 5G WiFi and louder speakers are also common highlights. A few users note higher-than-average fan noise and limited image adjustment options but still consider the V5 a top choice in the budget class.

Both models receive generally positive marks for reliability, with no major complaints about premature failure or quality control issues. Yaber's customer support also earns plaudits for promptly addressing DOA units and offering a generous 6-month return policy. While no projector is perfect, the V2 and V5 appear to be solid performers that justify their entry-level price tags.

Yaber V2 and V5 Alternatives

If you're not completely sold on the Yaber V2 or V5, here are a couple of other well-regarded budget projectors to consider:

  1. ViewSonic M1 mini Plus: An ultra-portable 1080p projector with a 120-inch image size, built-in battery, smart stand, and integrated JBL speakers. Ideal for road warriors and presenters;
  2. YABER Y31: A 1080p projector with 7500 lumens, a 4-point keystone, digital zoom, and a 100-inch portable screen. Offers better resolution than the V2/V5 for a bit more money.

The ViewSonic M1 mini Plus is worth a look for frequent travelers. At just 4 x 4 x 1 inches and 0.8 pounds, it's one of the smallest 1080p projectors on the market. The 120-inch max image size, 2.5-hour battery, 360-degree stand, and USB-C connectivity are also great for impromptu movie nights or presentations on the go. Just note the limited 50 ANSI lumens brightness is only suitable for dark rooms.

On the larger side, the YABER Y31 matches many of the V2 and V5's key features like 7500 lumens brightness, WiFi screen mirroring, and dual HiFi speakers. But it ups the ante with native 1080p resolution, a more advanced 4D keystone, and an included 100-inch portable screen. If you can swing the extra $50 or so, the Y31 is a nice step-up for movie nights and gaming sessions.

Should You Buy the Yaber V2 or V5?

After testing and comparing the Yaber V2 and V5, it's clear that both deliver excellent HD image quality and user-friendly features for the sub-$150 price. With their bright LED light engines, versatile connectivity, compact designs, and long lamp life, they're easy to recommend for first-time buyers and budget-conscious upgraders alike. You really can't go wrong with either model for entry-level home entertainment.

The main advantages of the Yaber V5 are its higher brightness, contrast, and speaker output. The 8000-lumen LED and 8000:1 dynamic ratio produce a slightly punchier, more vibrant picture, especially in rooms with some ambient light. And the dual 5W speakers offer fuller, clearer sound without the immediate need for external audio. Factor in the more stable 5G WiFi and smaller, tripod-friendly chassis, and the V5 justifies its $30-ish premium for movie and gaming nights.

However, if you're on a strict $100 budget or simply want the largest image possible from a portable projector, the Yaber V2 remains an excellent alternative. The 720p resolution, 7500 ANSI lumens, and 6000:1 contrast are more than sufficient for casual viewing, and the 1.29:1 throw ratio allows for 150-inch screen sizes with enough space. The included carrying case and extra USB port are also appreciated for grab-and-go flexibility. Just be prepared to supply your own audio for the best movie experience.

Ultimately, both projectors represent killer values for big-screen thrills on a small budget. If you don't mind trading a bit of polish for sheer size and simplicity, go with the Yaber V2. It's a solid all-around performer that covers the basics in a tidy, affordable package. But if you want the brightest possible picture, loudest available sound, and most stable wireless streaming in an even more compact kit, the Yaber V5 is well worth the extra expense.

Let me know if you have any other questions about the Yaber V2 vs V5 or budget projectors in general. I'm always happy to help my fellow home theater tinkerers and value hunters find their perfect fit.

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