The best smartphone in terms of camera quality and price: a mathematical approach

Interactive scatter plot helps you visualise a comparison of 193 smartphones in 5 price categories

By: Technoslav Bergamot | 14.05.2024, 16:29

How do you choose the best camera in a smartphone, taking into account the price of the device? This question leads us down a shaky path of our own preferences, subjective assessments, or even prejudices. Luckily, there is a service called DXOMARK that provides a comprehensive assessment of smartphone cameras (and not only them) on a regular basis. Of course, there may be some questions about the DXOMARK methodology (as well as any other). But it is their assessments that are considered the industry standard in the world and allow you to use their data for analysis.

How to use our scatter plot for smartphones

Ascatter plot is a type of graph used to visualise the relationship between two quantitative variables. Scatter plots are great for initially exploring data and identifying potential relationships between variables, which can be useful for further in-depth analysis. To better identify relationships, we have added a trend line to show the general relationship between how the price of a smartphone varies with camera performance. Anything below the trend line is potentially low in terms of price and camera performance.

The horizontal axis (X) shows the gradual increase in the price of a smartphone (if you are looking for a lower price, you should pay attention to the points to the left of the others).

The vertical axis (Y) indicates the increase in the performance of the smartphone's camera (if you are looking for a larger capacity, you should pay attention to the points above the others).

This chart is interactive, so you can choose one of 5 price categories or turn off or on only devices from specific manufacturers.

The best values are located above and to the left

Disclosure: what you need to know about this chart to draw the right conclusions

  • Prices of smartphones are indicated at the time of the global market launch, excluding taxes.
  • The data source is the DXOMARK service, so the chart does not include smartphones that have not been tested by this service.
  • The chart does not take into account other smartphone characteristics other than price and camera (display characteristics, processor performance, battery capacity, etc.)
  • Smartphones below the trend line may or may not have other market advantages, for example, all smartphones with folding screens are there - they certainly lose out to monoblocks in terms of price and camera quality.

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