MIUI 13 has become the smoothest firmware in the world - what's new

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 28.12.2021, 15:48
MIUI 13 has become the smoothest firmware in the world - what's new

Xiaomi has announced the MIUI 13 firmware. The manufacturer said it is the smoothest Android smartphone firmware in the world.

What's new

The developers focused on improving the stability and speed of the system. To do this, they carried out work on optimizing more than two dozen pre-installed standard programs.

The company has added new UI customization options to MIUI 13. Owners of Xiaomi smartphones will be able to set animated wallpapers that were created using microscopic photography of growing crystals. You can see what they are below.

According to the manufacturer, the performance of smartphones with MIUI 13 will drop by no more than 5% even after three years. The smoothness of the system as a whole will be increased by 15-52%, and for individual system applications by 20-26%. Compare with MIUI 12.5.

The developers have completely redesigned the proprietary font MiSans. It has become more compact, and therefore more information is placed on the screen. Another major update concerns widgets. They now resemble widgets from the iOS operating system.

Xiaomi has improved the interaction of branded devices with each other. We are talking about smartphones, tablets, watches, TVs and smart home solutions. For quick transfer of materials between gadgets, the Mi Magic Center function is provided. Among other things, the company notes an improved dark mode, increased data security and the appearance of a function for expanding RAM.

The stable version of MIUI 13 will be available from the end of January 2022. The list of smartphones that will be the first to receive the update can be found here.

Source: Xiaomi