The US has sent an Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarine with 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles or Trident II intercontinental ballistic missiles to the Middle East

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 07.11.2023, 14:43

An American Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarine has appeared in the Middle East. This is reported by the Central Command of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Here's What We Know

The strategic nuclear submarine has already arrived in the area of responsibility of the US Central Command, which includes the Middle East, Central Asia and East Africa. This was officially announced the day before.

The command did not disclose details of the deployment of the nuclear-powered submarine, limiting itself to just a photo of the vessel. The photo was taken near a road bridge over the Suez Canal, but no date was specified.

Unfortunately, the US military's Central Command does not specify which submarine has arrived in the region. The Ohio class includes 18 nuclear-powered submarines:

  1. USS Ohio (SSGN-726);
  2. USS Michigan (SSGN-727);
  3. USS Florida (SSGN-728);
  4. USS Georgia (SSGN-729);
  5. USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN-730);
  6. USS Alabama (SSBN-731);
  7. USS Alaska (SSBN-732);
  8. USS Nevada (SSBN-733);
  9. USS Tennessee (SSBN-734);
  10. USS Pennsylvania (SSBN-735);
  11. USS West Virginia (SSBN-736);
  12. USS Kentucky (SSBN-737);
  13. USS Maryland (SSBN-738);
  14. USS Nebraska (SSBN-739);
  15. USS Rhode Island (SSBN-740);
  16. USS Maine (SSBN-741);
  17. USS Wyoming (SSBN-742);
  18. USS Louisiana (SSBN-743).

The four SSGN submarines can carry up to 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles. SSBNs are a key component of America's nuclear triad. The 14 submarines are armed with 20 Trident II (D5) intercontinental ballistic missiles with a maximum range of more than 12,000 kilometres. Each missile can carry up to eight nuclear warheads. The range when fully loaded is just over 7,000 kilometres.