The US Navy has revealed when it will sell Virginia-class nuclear-powered submarines to Australia as part of the AUKUS alliance

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 13.11.2023, 15:40

Australia will receive Virginia-class nuclear-powered submarines in the next decade. The U.S. Navy has named a timeline for the submarines to be ready for sale.

Here's What We Know

Australia will buy three Virginia-class attack submarines. If everything goes according to plan, the United States will be able to sell them in 2032, 2035 and 2038. This was announced by Vice Admiral Bill Houston, commander of the submarine force.

In 2032 and 2035, Australia will be able to buy the two nuclear-powered submarines that are in service. A new submarine built in the United States is scheduled for sale in 2038.

The Virginia-class nuclear-powered attack submarine will be built in a Block VII configuration. It will be without the VPM (Virginia Payload Module), which is mounted in the centre of the hull and allows for 28 more Tomahawk cruise missiles.

The submarines are being sold as part of the AUKUS alliance, which also includes the UK. The three countries have also agreed to jointly develop a new nuclear-powered but non-nuclear submarine. The class will be called AUKUS.

The construction of AUKUS nuclear-powered submarines will be set up by the UK. The Royal Navy will receive the first vessel in the late 2030s. Australia will have AUKUS-class nuclear submarines in the early 2040s.

Source: Breaking Defence