The British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, carrying fifth-generation F-35B Lightning II fighters, has transferred to NATO command for the first time in history

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 13.11.2023, 16:11

The British Royal Navy's flagship aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has for the first time come under the command of NATO forces. This was reported by the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom.

Here's What We Know

HMS Queen Elizabeth carries fifth-generation F-35B Lightning II short take-off and vertical landing fighters. The carrier strike group includes the frigate HMS Kent, destroyer HMS Diamond, Wildcat and Merlin helicopters, and support ships.

A US Department of Defence press release said there are now three aircraft carriers under the command of NATO forces. In addition to HMS Queen Elizabeth, which is stationed in the North Sea, they are Italy's ITS Cavour and Spain's ESP Juan Carlos. Both ships are deployed in the Mediterranean Sea.

HMS Queen Elizabeth conducted an anti-submarine exercise as part of the Neptune Strike manoeuvres in the North Sea. The Norwegian submarine Utstein also took part in the event. Her task was to "sink" a British aircraft carrier, while helicopters were tasked with preventing the diesel-electric submarine from completing the mission.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is one of two British aircraft carriers. It was commissioned six years ago. The ship can accommodate three dozen fifth-generation fighter jets, Apache, Merlin, Wildcat and Chinook helicopters.

Source: MOD UK