Acer выпустила линейку производительных ноутбуков Aspire V Nitro с дискретной графикой

Автор: Александр Чуб, 14 августа 2014, 14:47
Acer выпустила линейку производительных ноутбуков Aspire V Nitro с дискретной графикой

Acer добавила в свой ассортимент еще одну линейку ноутбуков Aspire V Nitro, которые позиционируются как достаточно производительные аппараты с дискретными графическими картами. Будут доступны 15- и 17-дюймовые модели с IPS-матрицами разрешением 1920х1080. Корпуса ноутбуков будут сделаны из металла, а толщина составляет 2.5 см. Внутри установлены процессоры Intel Core 4-го поколения и дискретная графика Nvidia, в самых производительных конфигурациях (Black Edition) — Nvidia GeForce GTX860M.

Acer выпустила линейку производительных ноутбуков Aspire V Nitro с дискретной графикой-2

В качестве накопителя используются жесткие диски, максимальный объем — 3 ТБ или SSD объемом 256 ГБ. Имеются Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2x2 MIMO), HDMI и 3хUSB 3.0, 4 динамика общей мощностью 8 Вт и красная подсветка клавиатуры. Опционально доступен Blu-Ray привод с поддержкой технологии M-Disk. Присутствует фирменная технология DustDefender, которая должна предотвращать накопление пыли внутри ноутбука, а в Black Edition есть вручную включаемый Turbo Mode для игр, при котором увеличивается интенсивность работы системы охлаждения.

Acer выпустила линейку производительных ноутбуков Aspire V Nitro с дискретной графикой-3

Ноутбуки появятся в продаже до конца квартала, цены на 15-дюймовые модели начинаются с 700 евро (12000 грн / 32000 руб), 17-дюймовые — с 800 евро (13650 грн / 36200 руб), Black Edition — от 1000 евро (17000 грн / 45200 руб).

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Editor’s Summary

  • Special Aspire V Nitro Black Edition models ramp up the power, with even more powerful processor, and enhanced graphics;
  • Premium design with sharp angles, slim profile, and metal finish;
  • Maximum power thanks to 4th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics, and 2x2 wireless connection technology, advanced cooling technology;
  • Top-class entertainment enabled by Full-HD displays with IPS, 4 speakers, Dolby® Digital Plus Home Theatre™;


Acer today announced the launch of its Aspire V Nitro series, available in 15-inch and 17-inch. Built for full immersion, the V Nitro series offers the power and features to tackle demanding multimedia apps including photo and video editing software, and graphic-intensive entertainment applications with rich visuals and booming audio, such as watching Blu-Ray movies or playing the latest games. 
For those demanding users who expect the unexpected, a special Aspire V Nitro Black Edition is available, delivering an even more blistering performance.

Designed to astound 
The Aspire V Nitro boasts a sleek, cutting-edge look, sharp as a blade, and a slim profile just under 2.5cm. The lid is crafted with NIL Technology (Nanoimprint Lithography), which enables a Soft Touch feel thanks to its intricate metal pattern, perfectly completing the design of this notebook series. The Aspire V Nitro series offers a backlit keyboard with edgy red lighting, and a full numeric keyboard, ensuring entertainment and productivity day and night.


Designed to accelerate
Not only does the Aspire V Nitro series look great, it is also ultra-performant with the latest 4th Gen Intel® Core™  Standard Voltage or Ultra-Light Voltage processors. Powered by NVIDIA® GeForce® up to GTX 860M, it provides users with riveting gaming grade performance, enabling a visual experience of the highest standards, as well as taking entertainment to a whole new level.
To top off its high processing speed and astonishing graphics, the Acer Aspire V Nitro series comes with two wireless antennas instead of one. The 2x2 wireless antenna technology processes data at up to twice the speed of traditional single solutions by forming a multi-input/multi-output (MIMO) setup, and therefore makes the Aspire V Nitro even faster, and truly future-proof.
The series enjoys Acer DustDefender technology, an intelligent dust-removal design that relies on the notebook’s high-speed metal fan to remove internal build-up of dust, extending the product’s lifecycle and enhancing performance while quietly keeping the device cool. And when heavy use requires added ventilation, the Black Edition series’ CoolBoost’s exclusive Turbo Mode can be manually activated by the user and enables 19% faster fan speed, and 11% lower CPU/GPU temperatures .

Designed to immerse
Providing top-class entertainment to its users was one of Acer’s focus points when developing the Aspire V Nitro series. Users can enjoy powerful surround sound while listening to music, watching films, or gaming, thanks to 4 built-in speakers (8W output in total). This enables an incredible full-range audio-immersion experience from all angles. Moreover, the Aspire V Nitro series notebooks feature Dolby® Digital Plus Home Theatre™ Dialog Enhancement, a technology which reduces dialogue intelligibility and interferences from background sounds, optimizing entertainment and keeping all media crystal-clear, the way it should be.
The Aspire V Nitro series is also characterized by its Full HD IPS Technology displays . In-Plane Switching technology provides a wide viewing angle, allowing users to share their multimedia experience with those around without fearing loss of quality. Acer ComfyView (non-glare technology) reduces eye fatigue and enhances the visual comfort.
This exclusive combination of leading technology and unique features enable the Aspire V Nitro series to deliver an instant and cutting-edge performance that is more than just a touch more powerful.

Additional features & options
In order to secure a smooth personalized experience for its users, Acer introduced a range of options and additional features on the Aspire V Nitro series. Users may wish to request the optional Blu-Ray Drive, in order to play the latest blockbusters on their notebook and enjoy a thrilling cinematic experience on the go; the optional M-Disk Ready drive, to ensure their data can be saved externally on M-Disk and can be expected to last for up to 1000 years; and for those who want the best of both worlds, BD and M-Disk drives can even be combined.

With a hard disk of up to 3TB, users are able to store up to 200 DVD titles, 100’000 MP3 songs, or 6666 photos while keeping their notebook thin and light. And for those users who have a need for speed, the optional 256GB SSD storage feature on the Aspire V Nitro series provides fast wake-up and much faster access to files and data .

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