Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone Review

By: Owen Moore | 11.05.2023, 22:14
Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone Review

It's very cool to sit on Instagram or YouTube and watch fascinating videos with incredible views recorded on a quadcopter. Looking at the dense green forest, the high snow-capped mountains, you want to make an incredible video yourself. The only problem is the drone, of which there are a huge number available on the Internet. So the question is, what kind of drone to buy? Something that shoots well and doesn't cost you thousands of dollars. The hs720e drone from Holy Stone would seem to be the perfect choice.

Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone
Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone
Looking for a drone that delivers high-quality images without costing a fortune? Consider the Holy Stone HS720E GPS drone. Equipped with a 4K EIS anti-shake camera, this drone captures stunning footage with reduced video blur. Its 5GHz FPV transmitter guarantees smooth, high-quality image delivery at a range of up to 500 meters. Other features include advanced flying modes, GPS, automatic return to home, and automatic takeoff and landing. The drone's noiseless brushless motor and good battery life ensure long-lasting and stable flights, while the convenient carrying bag makes it easy to take with you on the go.

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Why Holy Stone HS720E? - Features of the Drone


The most important thing about the drone is, of course, the camera. Despite the price of the drone, its camera allows you to shoot 1080-/60 fps or 4k/30 fps quality. The drone is equipped with EIS technology, which reduces video blur.

The drone is also equipped with a high-quality 4K EIS Anti-Shake Camera technology that captures beautiful images. In general, EIS stands for "electrical image stabilization". It reduces video blur and makes the footage clearer and more pleasing to the eye. Naturally, it's important that the camera has an adjustable angle to widen the view. This drone has a 90° adjustable angle with remote control.

High Quality Images

The 5 GHz FPV transmitter guarantees smooth, fast and high-quality image delivery up to 500 meters.

Stability and Auto Return

The drone has an airflow and air pressure control system. This allows the drone to hover stably both indoors and outdoors.

If you're just starting out and are afraid of losing your drone, GPS and automatic return to home, as well as automatic landing and takeoff will help you.

Advanced Flying Modes: Follow Me, Tap Fly, and Point of Interest

For a comfortable shooting and flying experience, the drone has advanced flight modes that allow the drone to fly automatically and free your hands and mind to create videos or images, such as: Follow Me, Tap Fly, and Point of Interest.

Noiseless Brushless Motor

Powerful brushless motors have much less noise compared to brushed motors, and due to this, the drone is stable and fast in the sky. In addition, they have a longer lifespan and free you from motor maintenance.

Good Battery Life

Two batteries keep the motors running for up to 46 minutes (23 each).

Convenient Bag

The carrying bag is very nice. It fits absolutely everything that comes with the kit, makes it easy to get the drone and store it when you don't need it. The bag also has a comfortable handle that makes it easy to carry.

What's in the Box?

The box is neither big nor heavy. Inside, we are immediately greeted by the bag itself. It's a very good decision, because the bag is made of solid material. Even if the box gets damaged, the drone itself is safe.

The bag contains the drone itself, a remote control, instructions, spare screws, a screwdriver, and two batteries with chargers for them.

Everything is packed very well. All elements that can be scratched are covered with a film, which cannot but rejoice.

Remote Control

The plastic remote control fits nicely in your hands with handles that can be easily removed.

There are two antennas on the top of the remote control that also fold up to not take up more space. The two control sticks have small recesses that prevent your finger from slipping off the stick during flight.

The drone has a very convenient screen that displays basic information about the drone. There is a convenient phone holder between the antennas. On the sides there are also wheels for adjusting the zoom and shooting angle.

The remote control is powered by batteries that are not included.

The Drone

The drone itself is the size of your palms when folded and is made of good plastic that feels nice to touch.

On the top we have a single button that turns the drone on and off.

The camera itself is in front, so be careful not to scratch it.

Behind it there's a charging indicator with 4 dots, which makes it easy to see the battery level.

Below you can find the sensor and tampers, which are also located on the propellers, so you won't lose the drone at night. On the left side there is a slot for a memory card, but you can also shoot without it, transferring all the data to your smartphone.

First Flight with HS720E

To control the drone, you need to download the proprietary Ophelia GO app (available for Android and iOS). Then turn on the drone ( there is only one button) and connect to its Wi-Fi network. The interface of the drone control program is very simple (in English only). In general, all parts of the interface are described in the included manual.

After connecting to the drone, you will see the image from the camera, which is very convenient and you can adjust your shot. Also, don't forget about the modes: Follow Me, Tap Fly, and Point of Interest, which can be easily enabled in the app. There is a map that shows where the drone is in real time. It is also possible to customize the frame and access the gallery. The app itself is frankly pleasing in its stability, and the drone is responsive. Usually, all cheap Chinese drone technology works poorly through its app, draining time and nerves, but this seems to be not the case here.

Technical Characteristics

Model Name, Brand HS720E, Holy Stone
Assembly RTF
Weight 1,09 pounds (465 grams)
Maximum Range 3280 ft (999 m)
Smooth Image Transmission 1650 ft (503 m)
Run Time 46 min (23 min on each battery)
Battery Capacity 2800 mAh (2 LiPo batteries included)
Motor Brushless
Wireless Communication Technology W-Fi
Video Output Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels

Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone
Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone
  • Max. Flight Time: 46 min
  • Camera Quality: 4K Stored in TF Card / 1080P Stored on Mobile Phone
  • Video Quality : 4K/30fps,1080p/60fps (with TF Card Stored)
  • Max Flight Distance: 3280ft/999m

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Holy Stone HS720E Summary

Holy Stone HS720E is really an ideal candidate for the purchase of the first drone with a camera. It's inexpensive, not as frustrating to lose or crash as, for example, the DJI Mavic, which costs 3-4 times more. At the same time, it is easy to operate and can take incredible videos and photos in 4K. Moreover, the app doesn't crash, freeze, or lag.

Although the HS720E is not suitable for those who want to master "real" aerial photography, it is quite possible to learn the basics of drone control and gain flight skills by flying your first dozen hours with it. It is also worth noting that it is easy to find consumables for this drone - propellers, additional batteries and chargers - and this is a good thing.

Based on all these factors, the HS720E is a purchase that we sincerely recommend. And it can bring a lot of enjoyable moments and unexpected discoveries.

6 Reasons to Buy a HS720E Drone:

  • High-quality camera with 4K EIS Anti-Shake technology
  • Stable flight with airflow and air pressure control and GPS auto-return
  • Advanced flying modes for hands-free operation
  • Noiseless brushless motors for stability and speed
  • Good battery life with two batteries for up to 46 minutes of flight time
  • Convenient carrying bag to store and transport the drone

2 Reasons Not to Buy a HS720E Drone:

  • The remote control requires batteries that are not included
  • The camera is at the front of the drone, which may increase the risk of damage during flight

What to Consider, Buying Your First GPS Drone?

If you're buying your first GPS drone, here are some important factors to consider:

  1. Flight Time: Consider the flight time of the drone, which is the amount of time the drone can stay in the air before it needs to be recharged. Longer flight times are generally better, as they allow you to capture more footage.
  2. Camera Quality: Look for a drone with a high-quality camera that can capture clear and sharp footage. The camera's resolution and frame rate are important factors to consider.
  3. GPS and Other Navigation Features: Make sure the drone has GPS and other navigation features like obstacle avoidance, return to home, and follow me mode. These features make the drone easier to control and prevent accidents.
  4. Price: Drones can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Consider your budget and choose a drone that fits within it.
  5. Drone Size: Larger drones are generally more stable in the air and easier to control. However, they can be more difficult to transport and require more space for storage.
  6. Spare Parts and Accessories: Check if the drone has easily available spare parts and accessories in case of damage or if you want to upgrade the drone in the future.

It's important to research and compare different drone models before making a purchase to ensure you get the best drone for your needs and budget.

Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone

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