MSI MPG 274URF QD review: 27-inch gaming monitor with 4K resolution and 160Hz frequency

An interesting small-format gaming monitor with 4K resolution that can also be used for work thanks to its high-quality matrix

By: Anry Sergeev | 31.05.2024, 12:48

Today, the gg editorial team is reviewing the new 27-inch MSI MPG 274URF QD monitor, which is positioned as a gaming model. But, in fact, the monitor has features that are not quite usual for gaming models and is suitable not only for gaming. MSI MPG 274URF QD has a high-quality Rapid IPS matrix with Quantum Dot 4K resolution and 160Hz refresh rate, which may not suit fans of fast online shooters and cyberattack games. However, if you have a powerful PC or console of the current generation, you can get a lot of pleasure from playing with a clear picture. And the extended colour range, fairly accurate colour reproduction and high brightness make it a good choice for working with graphic content. In addition, the monitor is equipped with a good set of modern connectors, including Type-C, Display Port and 65W Power Delivery. The stand is very functional, allowing you to adjust the position of the monitor in all planes and turn it into portrait mode. The only minor complaint is the USB hub, which uses slow USB 2.0. Although it is enough to connect peripherals.

5 reasons to buy MSI MPG 274URF QD monitor:

  • high-quality 27-inch Quantum Dot Rapid IPS matrix with 4K resolution;
  • refresh rate of 160 Hz, pixel response time of 0.5 ms;
  • support for AMD FreeSync Premium, VRR, and ALLM;
  • DisplayPort 1.4a, 2xHDMI 2.1, and Type-C connectors with Display Port support and 65W Power Delivery;
  • functional stand.

2 reasons not to buy the MSI MPG 274URF QD monitor:

  • You need a larger monitor;
  • USB hub with slow USB 2.0.

Table of contents of the MSI MPG 274URF QD review:

Package contents of the MSI MPG 274URF QD monitor


TheMSI MPG 274URF QD comes in a rather large box for a 27-inch model. Inside is the monitor itself with a stand, HDMI 2.1 cable, USB cable for connecting a hub, power supply, power cable, sets of screws for the stand and VESA mount, and documentation.

Design of the MSI MPG 274URF QD monitor


MSI MPG 274URF QD, like the entire line of MPG monitors, looks quite neutral from the front. The monitor has the usual so-called bezel-less design: the entire front panel, except for the logo bar at the bottom, is a single plane. The bezels around the perimeter are thin. MSI MPG 274URF QD is a flat monitor with a standard 16:9 aspect ratio. The design is made mainly of matte black plastic with some metal parts for greater reliability.


The monitor's stand has an octagonal shape and a metal base that provides better stability. The stand is relatively small, taking up little space on the desk.


There is an LED indicator on the bottom right of the monitor that glows white during operation and orange in standby mode. You can switch it off in the settings if you wish.


The gaming positioning of the MSI MPG 274URF QD is most noticeable when viewed from the rear. The back cover has a geometric pattern in the form of lines across the entire body, a dragon logo for MSI gaming devices and a glossy area with RGB backlighting. It's not very bright and will only be noticeable if you look at the monitor from behind. Or install it close to the wall in a dark room. The leg is attached to the central part of the monitor. There are holes for mounting the VESA 75x75 standard. Another glossy element is the middle part of the stand with the Gaming Series inscription.

The power supply is separate6, so the MSI MPG 274URF QD case is quite thin and does not take up much space.


A standard five-way red joystick is provided on the back to adjust the monitor.


The area with the connectors and their labels is located below the stand mounting point in a small cutout and points downwards.


The MSI MPG 274URF QD has a typical design of a modern gaming monitor without a very obvious emphasis on the gaming component. Practical matte plastic and almost complete absence of glossy elements.

Ease of use and connection of the MSI MPG 274URF QD monitor

The leg of the MSI MPG 274URF QD is fixed with screws, so you won't need a screwdriver. But it's quite justified: the monitor has a lot of position adjustment options, so it would be difficult to do with simple spring-loaded clamps. There is a hole in the leg for neat cable management:


The monitor's tilt angle can be adjusted from +20° to -5°, which is more than enough.

You can also swivel the monitor 30° in each direction.

The height adjustment range is 110 mm. In the lower position, the screen is close to the table surface.

The monitor can also be rotated 90° in portrait mode. This is not very common in gaming models.


The monitor has a very good set of connectors. There are two HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4a and USB Type-C with DisplayPort support and 65W Power Delivery. This allows you to connect a standard ultrabook to a monitor with a single cable without the need to use the laptop's power supply. There is also a USB hub with two USB 2.0 ports. Given the outdated standard, it seems that the hub is designed primarily for connecting keyboards and mice. Headphones or speakers can be connected to the monitor, and there is a standard 3.5 mm jack. The monitor does not have its own acoustics.

The five-way joystick for monitor settings is implemented absolutely standard, so there will be no problems with its use.


The on-screen menu has a typical logic with the settings divided into sections. The first section, G.I. (Gaming Intelligence), contains settings for KVM, on-screen reticle, and local zoom of the area in the centre of the screen. The Gaming section contains a menu of video modes, Night Vision (illumination of dark areas), A.I. Vision (recognition of details in dark areas and increase in brightness and colour saturation, does not work simultaneously with Night Vision), Adaptive Sync (adaptive frequency) and an alarm clock. The Professional section includes a colour display mode, a blue component reduction, an image enhancement function and a choice of screen colour gamut. The Image section contains brightness, contrast, colour temperature, etc. The Input Source section is responsible for selecting the signal source: there is automatic or manual switching. PIP/PBP - settings for picture-in-picture modes. Navi Key - setting up quick functions for joystick deflection. Settings - system settings: menu language and transparency, LED indicator settings, backlighting, HDMI CEC, reset, etc.

You can also configure the monitor using the proprietary Gaming Intelligence application. But it will work only when USB is connected. The functionality is similar to the on-screen menu and has several additional features. Mouse settings (cursor, scroll, and double-click speed), on-screen keyboard, image projection, presets with screen splitting into several windows with applications, and firmware updates.

Image quality of the MSI MPG 274URF QD monitor

The MSI MPG 274URF QD is equipped with a 27-inch Rapid IPS matrix. This is a relatively new technology for the production of IPS panels with a reduced crystal layer thickness, which results in a higher frequency and response speed of the matrix. In terms of these characteristics, Rapid IPS is closer to TN. The monitor also has a Quantum Dot coating, which increases the brightness and colour gamut of the panel. The resolution is 3840x2160 (4K ), the pixel density is 163 PPI, and the pixel size is 0.15525 mm. With such a diagonal, 4K is probably too much, but the picture is really very clear and pleasant. Matrix characteristics: 10 bits (8 + FRC), W-LED backlight. The maximum brightness is 400 cd/m², static contrast ratio is 1000:1, viewing angles are 178°. The screen is claimed to be capable of reproducing 1.07 billion shades, colour gamut is 145% of the sRGB colour space, and it has VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification. The monitor has a Blue Light Reduction filtering function to prevent eye fatigue during prolonged work. The MSI MPG 274URF QD has an effectiveanti-reflective matte finish with virtually no crystalline effect.


Viewing angles are excellent. Colours are not distorted, contrast reduction and Glow effect are minimal.

The maximum refresh rate is 160 Hz, and the minimum pixel response time is 0.5 ms GtG. There is support for AMD FreeSync Premium adaptive frequency. Additionally, there is a panel overclock (Response Time), as well as MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time) for a clearer image. Dynamic scenes are really sharp, with virtually no blurring. Response Time, Fast and Fastest modes:

In Premium Colour mode, the maximum brightness is 315,302 cd/m², black field brightness is 0.4 cd/m² and static contrast is 963:1. The colour gamut is much wider than sRGB. The colour temperature is about 7500K-8000K (with a reference of 6500K), which means that the picture is a little cool. But this can be adjusted in the settings.

In User mode, all indicators are very close to Premium Color. Maximum brightness: 383.348 cd/m², black field brightness 0.378 cd/m², and static contrast is 1014:1.

FPS mode has a slightly narrower colour gamut, with a colour temperature close to 8000K. Maximum brightness: 353.163 cd/m², black field brightness is 0.37 cd/m², and static contrast is 954:1.

In sRGB mode, the colour gamut matches the corresponding colour space, and the colour temperature is also slightly higher. Maximum brightness: 351.96 cd/m², black field brightness 0.366 cd/m², and static contrast ratio 962:1.

How the MSI MPG 274URF QD proved itself in the field


The MSI MPG 274URF QD has a rather unconventional combination of features and characteristics. The monitor is great for gaming if you don't chase ultra-high frame rates. Firstly, 160Hz may not be enough for the most hardcore multiplayer shooter fans. Secondly, 4K resolution requires a powerful PC for high frequency at maximum settings in modern games. If you have one, then the game is really comfortable. Especially given the support of AMD FreeSync Premium and the maximum pixel response time of 0.5 ms, thanks to which dynamic scenes always look clear without blurring. The company also thought about console gamers. The monitor supports such useful functions for modern consoles as VRR (variable refresh rate), ALLM (automatic low latency mode) and CEC (monitor control via HDMI). Thanks to its high resolution, wide colour gamut and high brightness, the monitor is suitable not only for working with documents, but also for photo or video content or 3D modelling. For work-related tasks, KVM support may be useful: it allows you to connect two PCs to the monitor and control both with a single keyboard and mouse connected to the monitor. For watching videos or movies, the monitor is also well suited, but an audio system must be connected.

Four things you need to know about the MSI MPG 274URF QD monitor:

  • The MSI MPG 274URF QD is a monitor with a high-quality 27-inch Quantum Dot Rapid IPS matrix with 4K resolution.
  • It has a refresh rate of 160 Hz, a pixel response time of 0.5 ms and supports AMD FreeSync Premium.
  • It has a much wider colour gamut than sRGB.
  • It is equipped with DisplayPort 1.4a, 2xHDMI 2.1, Type-C (Display Port, Power Delivery 65W) and a USB hub.
Specifications of MSI MPG 274URF QD
Diagonal 27"
Matrix type Rapid IPS
Aspect ratio 16:9
Resolution 3840x2160 (4K)
Contrast ratio 1000:1 (max)
Viewing angles 178 / 178
Displayed colours 10 bits (8 + FRC)
Pixel pitch 0.15525x0.15525 mm
Pixel response time 0.5 ms (GTG)
Brightness 400 cd/m2 (max)
Maximum refresh rate 160 Hz
Coating anti-reflective
Connectors and ports DisplayPort 1.4a, 2xHDMI 2.1, Type-C (Display Port, Power Delivery 65W), 2xUSB 2.0 Type-A, USB 2.0 Type-B, 3.5 mm audio
Wall mount VESA 75x75
Built-in speakers none
Dimensions (with stand) 613.5x227.8x406.6 mm
Weight (with stand) 6.4 kg

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