Review MSI Modern MD271P: office monitor with 75 Hz

By: Alex Chub | 11.05.2023, 22:59
Review MSI Modern MD271P: office monitor with 75 Hz

The MSI Modern MD271P monitor is positioned as an office model for work. And if it is evaluated only from this point of view, it does not have any critical drawbacks. It has a very decent IPS-matrix of standard format: the diagonal of 27 inches and FullHD resolution. A nice addition to a decent picture - refresh rate 75 Hz, blue filter and technology to eliminate flicker. The stand is very functional, not only allows you to adjust the height, tilt and swivel in a wide range, but also deploy the monitor in portrait orientation. The monitor is well assembled, looks neat and versatile. The only complaint is the modest set of interfaces: neither full-size DisplayPort, nor USB-hub is provided in the monitor.

MSI Modern MD271P MSI Modern MD271P
75Hz office monitor
27" Full HD IPS office monitor with 75Hz max refresh rate, 5ms pixel response time, HDMI 1.4, Type-C (with DisplayPort) and built-in stereo speakers
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5 reasons to buy MSI Modern MD271P:

  • High-quality IPS-matrix with decent calibration
  • Refresh rate 75 Hz
  • Flicker-free backlighting and blue filter
  • Convenient stand and universal appearance
  • Built-in speakers

2 reasons not to buy MSI Modern MD271P:

  • You need a monitor with higher resolution and diagonal
  • Modest number of ports

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What's in the package?

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The MSI Modern MD271P comes in a big mustard color box with the model name and all basic information. The package includes the monitor itself, power supply, power cable, HDMI, VESA mounting screws and documentation.

What does the MSI Modern MD271P look like?

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The MSI Modern MD271P belongs to the company's office monitor category. And the appearance is just the same: stylish and minimalistic with nothing extra. The entire casing is made of black matte plastic and the frame on the sides and on top of the display is very thin. The gap at the bottom is larger. On it there is the MSI logo in the middle and the on-screen menu buttons. The model is also available in white color in case you get bored with standard black monitors.

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The stand has a square shape with rounded corners. Inside there is a metal base for stiffness and stability, although it does not handle it very well. The monitor still rocks slightly when you move it carelessly. the outside is plastic. On the bottom there are rubberized inserts to prevent the monitor from sliding and scratching the table.

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The back part is similarly black, without any decorative features, only the MSI logo is gray. The stand is quite thin and attaches to the monitor in the middle part. You can use the VESA 75x75 standard wall mount instead.

The monitor is very shallow and takes up minimal space on your desktop:

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The buttons on the right side of the monitor are located at the bottom to control the monitor. Next to it is one of the stereo speakers and a power indicator.

Review MSI Modern MD271P: office monitor with 75 Hz-11

On the opposite side is another speaker and Kensington Lock jack.

Review MSI Modern MD271P: office monitor with 75 Hz-12

The area with connectors is below the stand mount and is facing down.

Review MSI Modern MD271P: office monitor with 75 Hz-13

The monitor is well assembled, there are no loose or dangling parts and the plastic does not "crunch". The appearance is versatile, and relatively compact size will allow you to install it in a limited space.

What about usability, adjustment and connectors?

There are 5 buttons for controlling the monitor settings: power, menu, confirmation and menu navigation arrows. Perhaps a joystick control would be more convenient. But in case of the MSI Modern MD271P the menu is rather simple, without a lot of fancy functions and the buttons are generally quite enough.

There are not many connectors, although this is not critical for an office monitor. 1xHDMI 1.4, 1xType-C (with DisplayPort support), a headphone jack and a jack for the power supply:

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The stand is quite functional and allows for flexible adjustment of the monitor's position. It is possible to adjust the height with a difference of up to 110 mm. In this case, in the lower position the monitor almost touches the stand:

Rotate the monitor from +30° to -30°:

And tilt from +20° to -5°:

It's also possible to turn the monitor into portrait mode.

Review MSI Modern MD271P: office monitor with 75 Hz-31

The monitor's OSD menu is displayed at the bottom center of the screen. There are no separate color modes, but there are manual adjustments for brightness, contrast and color temperature. The next menu item is responsible for selecting the aspect ratio (auto, 16:9 or 4:3), followed by selecting the signal source and adjusting gamma. In the last point, "Others" hide the language selection, the shutdown timer, the factory reset, Overdrive (matrix overclocking with two levels), adjusting the volume of the built-in speakers and the economy mode.

Additionally, you can install the MSI Display Kit application where you can configure almost everything from multi-window modes with presets by application, flexible color temperature settings and yearly modes for different purposes (including gaming) to all sorts of bonuses like a virtual keyboard.

How does the MSI Modern MD271P do with picture quality?

The MSI Modern MD271P comes with an 8-bit 27" Full HD IPS matrix with W-LED backlighting, 75Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time. Maximum claimed brightness is 250 cd/m² and the static contrast ratio is 1000:1. Useful bonuses like flicker-free Anti-Flicker backlighting and a blue filter are worth noting.

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The image quality of the MSI Modern MD271P is a pleasant surprise. Visually, the color reproduction is natural, viewing angles are maximum both horizontally and vertically. Contrast reduction at angles is very slight, and the Glow effect is minimal. Very effective anti-reflective coating is used, even against a bright light source to work comfortably. The backlight is even, without too obvious, annoying highlights. The brightness margin is not too high, but for office work is quite enough. Measurements showed that the maximum brightness monitor is 242.433 cd/m², the brightness of the black field - 0.253 cd/m², and the static contrast - 958:1, the indicators are almost as claimed. Factory calibration is also good: the color gamut is close to the sRGB color space, all other indicators are close to the reference values.

In FPS mode the brightness is a bit higher: 418.79 cd/m², but the color accuracy is a bit worse: color temperature is about 7500K, gamma curve is quite different from the reference, and ΔE (average) is 3.69:

How did it perform in work and play?

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The MSI Modern MD271P is primarily designed for office work. And for this purpose it perfectly suits: a decent picture, a convenient functional stand and a minimalistic universal design. And the high-quality color rendering allows it to be used for photo/video processing on a basic level. Built-in speakers can not boast particularly high sound quality, but for watching movies and videos is enough. As for games, not a hardcore gamer monitor is also quite enough, especially if you play some RPG or strategy. Lovers of online gaming in all sorts of shooters and action games are better to look out for something with higher frequency, shorter response time and support for adaptive frequency.

MSI Modern MD271P MSI Modern MD271P
  • High-quality IPS-matrix with decent calibration
  • Refresh rate 75 Hz
  • Flicker-free backlighting and blue filter
  • Convenient stand and universal appearance
  • Built-in speakers
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Bottom line. Three things you should know about MSI Modern MD271P:

  • The monitor has a high-quality IPS matrix with a maximum refresh rate of 75 Hz and pixel response time of up to 5 ms.
  • There are HDMI 1.4, Type-C (DisplayPort), 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones, but no USB hub and full-size DisplayPort.
  • The monitor is equipped with flicker elimination and blue filter technology.
MSI Modern MD271P Specifications
Diagonal 27"
Matrix Type IPS
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1920x1080
Contrast 1000:1 (max)
Viewing Angles 178 / 178
Display Color 8 bit
Pixel pitch 0.311x0.311 mm
Response time 5 ms
Brightness 250 cd/m2 (max)
Maximum refresh rate 75 Hz
Coverage anti-reflective
Connectors and ports HDMI 1.4, Type-C (with DisplayPort), 3.5mm audio, Kensington Lock
Wall mount VESA 75x75
Built-in speakers 2x1W
Size (with stand) 613.5x401.5x20081 mm
Weight (with stand) 5.8 kg

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MSI Modern MD271P
74Hz office monitor with built-in stereo speakers