How to Drive an RC Car? Tips for Beginners

By: Anry Sergeev | 06.08.2022, 15:18
How to Drive an RC Car? Tips for Beginners

Learning the Basics of RC Driving

Some beginners would say: "What's so hard about it? It is not a rocket in the sky!"

But those who first took the radio remote control and tried to turn where it is needed, and not where it works, say "Wow! That's so much learn if you don't want to crash an expensive car in the first race!"

In fact, both of them are right. Indeed, learning how to operate an RC car is much easier than, for example, an RC Helicopter, or RC Plane, especially those with camera. The key word here is " to learn", as modern RC cars are "high complexity toys ", devices full of electronics and reacting immediately to driver's commands.

What to Keep in Mind Before You Begin

Steering Wheel: or how to go on after the first lesson

Working with the steering is the first problem encountered by any beginner. Even if you are a driver with experience, do not be fooled by the idea that since you have coped with a real car, then the scale model is just even easier. Here you need to gain experience anew. First of all, the steering wheel on the remote control is vertically located and you need to accept it as a fact. And secondly, when you are looking at the RC car not in the direction of its movement (that is, when the car is moving at you, or past you), it is difficult to immediately navigate in which direction to turn the steering wheel, because here the left / right change places.

Rule 1: For the first race choose a spacious platform without obstacles. The yard is not always suitable for this case. Make sure that casual passers-by or inexperienced friends will not be in the way, and there is enough space to slow down and turn around.

Rule 2: Get comfortable with the wheel. After several training sessions you will feel real control of the car as if you are sitting in the driver's cab and feel the dimensions. But this will happen over time. Do not force events, you will gain full control over the car. Make sure you confidently turn to the right when you need to drive to the right instead of chaotically turning the steering wheel until you find the right direction.

Acceleration: or how not to snap your neck 

When the turns are mastered, you can start experimenting with acceleration.

Rule 1: Better slow down. You should not start to speed up right away. Note, that at high speed it is much harder to slow down and avoid the obstacle, and the tumbling car becomes uncontrollable. Of course, you can speed up several times for pleasure :)

Even experienced afford themselves such pleasure, but it's worth remembering that such aimless speeding (also called "bashing") leads to premature rubbing off and more serious accidents than on the race track during professional competitions.

Rule 2: Go out on the track only if you are sure that the car is fully under your control. It is better to drive moderately, but with high quality and constant training.

Rule 3: Say "No" to braking. Learn not to use the brake, but only acceleration. In your mind split the distance into three sections: before turning start deceleration, smoothly change the position of the wheels in the right direction, and after passing the apex point (top of the curve) add speed.

In this case never turn the steering wheel to the limit. This style of riding will help a beginning driver to cut corners as effectively as possible.

Driving fuel engine and electric driven RC cars is a bit different. Fuel engines are a little heavier than their electric driven brothers, they are more inertial, so the use of brakes with fuel engines is acceptable.

All advice regarding the use of acceleration lever in turns are relevant for any type of RC cars.

Ramp: or how to make a four-wheel landing

Spectacular jumps of RC cars are perhaps the most fascinating show that attracts all RC fans. The main thing about the jump is successful landing. Ideally on all four wheels. Thus the load on the suspension is minimal.

What You Need to Know For a Spectacular Jump and Successful Landing

  • The car should go strictly perpendicular to the edge of the ramp. In this case the risk of going down and turning over is minimal.
  • You can control the model in flight by using acceleration and braking. Adding speed will move the car backwards, and the braking - forward. That is, even if you did not get to the board perpendicularly, there is always a chance to turn the car to the right position and land safely.

The higher the ramp and the longer the car flies above the ground, the more time you have to react adequately to the situation. But we pay attention that such pirouettes are not for beginners.

One of the stunts is to overturn an RC car in the air intentionally, and then land it on all four wheels. To drive alike this you need to spend more than one hour on the track..


For the proper training you need two things: to be smart enough and full of desire to drive an RC car. All driving skills come with practice and with time, so see you on the track!