Top 5 Naval Strategies

By: Igor Nikitin | 15.06.2021, 11:00
Top 5 Naval Strategies

Games are a great way to have fun and get energised for a great adventure. But it's coolest when this virtual journey has large-scale battles with big ships that allow you to feel like an adventurous pirate, a thoughtful submarine commander or a hungry for victory general. And if you've been stuck at home or work and missed the sea and the action, then here are 5 excellent games on a naval theme.

King of seas

  • In short: Not "Corsairs", of course, but it will do too.
  • For more immersion you need to: make yourself a hot bath with boats.

And let's start, perhaps, with the most recent release called King Of Seas, which can be described as an "adventure strategy". Because unlike usual naval strategies you don't have to manage the whole fleet and build your own kingdom. In the story, you will be in the role of one of the children of the King of the Seas, who is accused of something they did not commit and thrown to the pirates.

And in general getting to the social bottom, your hero begins to climb back up. And he's helped by his little schooner and crew, which can be improved by completing missions and getting resources. And those same missions mostly involve naval battles, which can be called the best part of the whole game. Even though it's mostly arcade. But it's fun.

To all that the player can just explore the seas and islands, trade, do different missions, or just quietly go along with the story. So in King Of Seas there is a lot to do, and for $20 the game offers quite a lot. Moreover, the project is available not only on PC, but also on Nintendo Switch, so you can play anywhere and anytime.

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Assassin's creed black flag 

  • In short: Pirates of the Caribbean at maximum speed.
  • For more immersion you need to: play with a box of rum at hand.

Still, if you need a game for hundreds of hours, then it is better to spend money on Assassin's Creed Black Flag. And yes I know this is not really a naval game, but there are pirates and naval battles here. Moreover, surprisingly, Ubisoft managed to create an excellent mechanics of battles between ships. And I say "surprisingly" because in the later parts, naval battles are boring at best.

Well, Assassin's Creed Black Flag perfectly captures the spirit of naval battles, thanks to the staging, soundtrack and, to  some extent, complexity. Because even on normal difficulty, enemies will quickly bomb your ship if you don't think about positioning and use your resources correctly.

In addition, at the end of each naval battle, you will board the ship, which also adds atmosphere and makes you feel like a pirate.

Well, in addition to sea battles, you will get just a great adventure action in the open world with the search for chests, battles with the Templars and solving riddles. This game is really big, and considering that now it is often on sale, Black Flag must be in your library.

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Sea of ​​thieves

  • In short: Simulator of a pirate life, only without booze and courtesans.
  • For more immersion, you need to: finally find friends and stop giggling at home.

Just like Sea of Thieves. And yes, I know it's a bit too pirate-themed, but hold on. I've got a couple of cool options for you with modern vehicles and battles. Also, it's not my fault the developers have been focusing on pirates lately.

Okay. I got distracted. Ah, yes, Sea of Thieves. And to be honest, at the launch of this game many people were disappointed, because the pre-release videos promised a cool pirate adventure with treasure hunting and sea battles. And in general, that's what gamers got, but in a very small amount. The game wasn't empty, but the content wasn't enough for long, and gamers were leaving the Sea of Thieves.

But the developers didn't abandon the project, and actively supplemented the game. And we can say that Sea of Thieves repeated the fate of No Man's Sky, and after ten updates became more than interesting. The game has new locations, characters, story, more activities, all sorts of temporary events.

At the same time Sea of Thieves has remained focused on cooperation. Because almost everything here has to be done manually, especially when it comes to controlling the ship. After all, even to fire your cannon in combat, you'll have to walk up to it and light the fuse. Well, to lower the anchor you'll have to spin the winch. And you know, to do all this by yourself will be rather difficult, especially in battle. That's why Sea of Thieves is definitely worth playing, but only if you have a friendly company.

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  • In short: Simulator of driving a World War II submarine
  • For more immersion you need: with stuffy ears and migraines.

And if you're a solitary wolf, and you prefer a more thoughtful gameplay, then pay attention to UBOAT. Especially if you are one of those who are bored with the pirate theme, and you want something more modern.

And if we put it simply, UBOAT is a World War II submarine driving sim with all the accompanying features. That is, you have to keep track of your team, manage resources, including food and ammunition, and fight the battle.

Moreover, the developers really thought about the physics, tried to make the management of the boat as realistic as possible. For example, you have to take into account the distribution of ballast, the curvature of the land surface and so on. Besides, during the battle you may face unpredictable situations in which you will have to cynically choose the best strategy for the survival of the majority.

Well, special praise is due to the fact that the developers continue to update the game. Even in the comments users note that with each update the project is getting better.

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World of Warships

  • In short: World of Tanks about ships.
  • For more immersion, you need to rent an admiral's suit. (It has more uses than you think)

And the highlight of this top naval games is World of Warships. And there are more reasons than it seems at first glance.

First, in contrast to previous projects here you will be controlling the modern equipment. Moreover Wargaming tried to recreate not only the different classes, but transferred vehicles from different countries to the game. And in fact, as in World of Tanks, here the characteristics of each ship depends on its origin. Not that dramatically, but in battle this will have to be taken into account.

The second feature is the online component, which does not end with the multiplayer battles alone. At a minimum, players can gather in clans, together pumping up the base and fighting shoulder-to-shoulder.

Well, and the third reason to play World of Warships - it's free to play. Moreover, the project is quite friendly to players who do not plan to infuse funds in principle. Simply because the money can not buy a skil, and in any case, in battle will have to rely on their hands, not equipment.

So if you're looking for a long time naval game with modern equipment, then look at World of Warships. The game is free, and the only thing that will take away from you is the space on your hard drive. And downloading the game at this link you get bonuses in the form of American cruiser ST. Loius, the German cruiser Emden, 2,500,000 credits, a 7-day premium account, 200 doubloons, and 20 Rebel Flame camouflages.

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