How to Make Remote Control Cars Faster

By: Anry Sergeev | 13.07.2022, 17:20
How to Make Remote Control Cars Faster

12 Ways to Speed Up Your RC Car

Being an RC enthusiast means experimenting a lot. And that includes pushing your speed limits to break ranks. It’s amusing, especially if you love mud spewing with friends. The best part is that most RC cars allow modifications. So, if you’ve been asking yourself how to make remote control cars go faster, we have some awesome tips for you below. Read on!

Make it Lighter

Weight is a big deal when it comes to the mobility of RC cars. The heavier the machine, the slower it’s likely to be. So, if you want to give your car a little speed boost, this is one of the basic actions to consider.  Yes, this might sound easy, but anyone who has tried reducing the weight of their RC car will tell you that it isn’t. First, you’ll have to figure out which parts to replace. For instance, since most of these cars are made of metal and plastic parts they tend to be heavier. So you can use aluminum or graphite, which are lighter. They also ease the pressure on the wheels enabling the car to move faster.  If you’re good with tools, you can also trim off unnecessary sections of the chassis, and surrounding areas. For instance, there are often excessive areas around the speed control tray and the battery socket to cut off. If the car has some excessive material on the front or back ends, trim them as well. It will achieve great balance even when halting at high speeds.  A little caution though, your car might not be back to its original glory once you’re done with these changes. It’s a compromise you will have to be ready to endure. Also, even as you concentrate on making your car lighter, exercise control. If it’s too light it might lose balance and that’s a problem you would want to avoid. 

Consider Changing the Tires

Tires are an important aspect of RC car speed, making them worthy considerations. For instance, the appearance of the tire determines the capability of the machine to move faster or slower. If your car’s tire is tall, it’s likely to move faster and vice versa. However, ensure the tire is of the right size to avoid straining the motor, causing it to overheat. Consequently, take time to examine the type of tires your car uses, and whether they suit your racing preferences. For example, if you love spinning through on-roads, slick tires will do you great justice. But, if your definition of adrenaline fun is through sandy and rocky terrains, paddle tires will come in handy. For muddy environments and other wet areas, go for spiked tires. And for indoor lovers, you can get min pins for the carpet or any uneven terrain. Also, ensure your tires are set-up at the right angles. They should all align properly, failure to which, you will be forced to deal with a snail moving car. A camber gauge will help here.

Get Another Pinion Gear

Your RC car’s motor output shaft is attached to a small-sized gear known as the Pinion gear. However, even with their small sizes, Pinion gears come in various sizes. And you will notice that larger pinion gears contain more teeth compared to smaller ones.  Also, with a sizable pinion gear, you won’t need much effort to turn the spun gear. Efficiency at its best.  So by changing your pinion gear, you give your car the capability to powerfully move faster. Besides, it’s affordable for on-budget racers.  However, this is a gradual change that should include increasing a few teeth over a given period.  Also, consider the condition and size of the motor before changing the pinion gear. They should complement each other, to avoid overheating.

Get Another Battery Pack

In the RC car world, the battery is power. And it’s the power that runs the machine. Therefore, a simple action such as getting a new battery pack for your car makes a great difference, especially concerning speed.  While it’s important to note the various battery brands, it’s the kind of battery and their respective voltage that’s vital.  You will find either NiMH or LiPo batteries in the current marketplace. Both are good depending on usage. For instance, the NiMH batteries come with several cells of around 1.2V. A 4 cell of this nature offers 4.8V. So if you need a more powerful pack, you will have to go for the larger cell battery, and it’s heavy. Lipo batteries on the other hand contain more power in each cell. A cell usually has 3.4V. Therefore, if you get a 4 cell battery, it offers you 13.6V. Because of this, Lipo batteries are lighter and more powerful than NiMH. All this sounds cool, right? Well, while that might be correct, a little bit of caution wouldn’t kill.  First, ensure your motor can handle the extra power. It’s easy to cross-check this using the user’s manual. If the rating is high, you can go ahead. But if low, another solution is coming your way, below. You can also interchange the two battery types if the ESC allows. 

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Have the Motor Changed

If you can’t change the battery and nothing else seems to work, consider changing the motor. The thought of it might be thrilling and scary at the same time, but be ready with your math skills.  Also, before you settle on changing the motor, cross-check if a little gear ratio boost can help. If not, go ahead with the exchange. But only if you want to add several miles to your RC car. There are two types of motors to consider; brushless and brushed. Check with your RC car manufacturer information to see which one is most suitable.  Remember, when you change the motor, you might also have to upgrade the gears and battery. So be ready for the entire package. It’s a decision that needs much consideration, as it can also mean spending more than anticipated.

Adjust Motor Timing

Still, on the motor, there’s much you can do before deciding to do away with it. Adjusting the motor timing is mainly applicable for brushless motors. They usually have tiny dial marks on one side for motor timing. To adjust, ensure your car isn’t connected to any power supply. Adjusting that dial requires skill, patience, and accuracy. Do it slowly manually or with the help of a motor dyno for best results. The reason why I advocate for a motor dyno is that it will show you the motor condition, and the current timing. And while you do this, ensure the motor temperature is right to avoid overheating.

Change Bearings

One of the easiest ways to increase the speed of your remote control car upgrading to ball bearings. This is extremely important especially if yours is a low-budget car since most of them use brass brushings. With ball bearings, there’s less friction hence your car moves faster, while preserving its battery.

Use Oil Instead of Grease

Grease is heavy. So if you’ve been using it for a while, it might solidify, making movement difficult. So, consider switching to other types of car oils. The current market is flooded with various options, including the popular WD-40. You will realize that transmission will be pretty fast and the other engine parts won’t clog.

Change the Spur Gear

Spur gears can have more or fewer teeth. And the more they are, the slower your car moves. So, if you want to increase speed, consider getting a spur gear with fewer teeth count.  The logic behind this is that a decreased tooth count translates to increased high-end power. But before you settle on this, consider what upgrade will benefit you more between the pinion and the spur gears. For instance, an increase of two teeth on the pinion gear will give you more power compared to a decrease of the same amount on the spur gear.  Also, as with all other gears, ensure you don’t decrease too much to avoid overheating the motor.

Get an Aerodynamic Body Shell

The bigger and bulky your car’s body shell is, the more dragging it becomes. So if you’ve some cash to spare and trimming it isn’t an option, an aerodynamic body shell will come in handy. It’s wind-resistant, hence can help you get to your destination super-fast.

Examine the Suspension

Most RC racers tend to ignore the suspension. Yes, it might not be intentional, but this seemingly simple mistake can slow your RC car speed.  Therefore, it’s advisable to frequently cross-check the shock absorbers, together with the suspension.  The parts should undergo a regular maintenance routine, which includes wiping off any dust and clearing traces of debris. Also, ensure to replace the shock absorber’s oil. The shock shaft should be perfectly positioned on all shocks, and any loose part fixed or replaced, depending on their state.  Remember, your car’s stability largely depends on the state of its parts. So any damaged parts directly affect its balance and speed. When driving through various environments, set your car height to accommodate the conditions. For example, the height you use to maneuver through off-road, shouldn’t be the same used on-road.  If you’re still new to the thrilling world of speed-driving, make use of the ride height gauge to help you set-up the suspension absorbers. Always feel free to adjust until you achieve desirable results.  Hint: to know you’re on the right track, both the front and back heights should be the same. 

Continue Practicing

If you’re here searching for ways to make your RC car run faster, it’s probably because you’re already into racing or would like to join. Therefore, the best favor you can do for yourself and your machine is to keep it running. This will help you know how to handle it on various grounds, and the best way to do it.  You will be surprised at the numerous speed increasing tactics you can master. Discovering the best ways to maneuver certain environments will give you the confidence you need to achieve faster lap times.

Don’t forget:

  • When trying out new accessories on your car, try as many configurations as possible. Only settle for the ideal combination for optimized results.  If for example, you’re likely to achieve the best speed with a lower turn rating motor, complete with a high voltage battery and befitting tires. 
  • If you want to invest in optimized changing parts, have a generous budget in mind, because they aren’t cheap.  You can start saving early enough or make modifications over a specific period. 

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The joy of an RC car enthusiast is to see it running around at optimum speed.  And although different people have various preferences, speed remains a constant factor in this field. So, we understand if you want a more adrenaline-filled experience out of your track. Using the above tips, you can achieve that and much more- an all-round healthy car and driver. It’s time for practice! Have fun!