The 7 Best Mechanical Keyboards on AliExpress

By: Grandpa Ma | 01.12.2021, 13:44
The 7 Best Mechanical Keyboards on AliExpress

Mechanical keyboards have a lot of advantages over membrane keyboards for people of any occupation and hobby: some people like to type sheets of text without their hands falling off, others value the durability of the device, and some people simply like the distinctive clacking sound made by the keys of mechanical keyboards when pressed. Today we are going to tell you about ten models of mechanical keyboards that are the most popular on Aliexpress. It should be noted that many of the world's leading brands are not represented by their own shops, and most of them do not sell their products there at all. Therefore, BenQ's keyboards are not included in this list. Unless a rare Razer product managed to sneak into Ali through the windows of dusky Chinese stores. But some of them can boast of much more democratic prices.

Analysis of sales of mechanical (most advanced) keyboards on AliExpress shows that 44% of sales are made in the $22.50 - $45.03 range. Therefore, it is logical to recommend buying from this site in this price range (with some noteworthy exceptions), selecting the most popular and with optimal characteristics gadgets.

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And if you need a keyboard here and now, here are some more options not all the money in the world you can buy from us:


Metoo Zero

Gaming wired keyboard in an aluminum alloy case. There is a light version without backlight, but we recommend to buy the version with backlight (in the basic version is severely limited anti-hosting and, for example, the combination of Ctrl-Shift will not work with all the keys). The manufacturer promises 50 million keystrokes of the mechanical switch without damage to the keyboard. We understand that to promise is not to marry, but nevertheless it is an attractive marketing ploy. The keyboard is available with either 104 or 87 keys, depending on whether you need a uspad. The most obvious perk of the Metoo Zero is the price tag: depending on the model you choose, it will range from $30 to $35, making this keyboard one of the most attractive options for gamers on a tight budget.


Skyloong SK61

The main feature - water protection by the "adult" standard IP68. A gaming, wired, multifunctional compact keyboard with LED backlight (16.8 million colors). Programmable for your own needs, however, even without downloading the software key combination can change the lighting effects to your liking. The high-quality optical-mechanical Gateron switches are designed for more than 50 million keystrokes. Ergonomic design. 3-layer programmable loading mode (RGB version). Powerful gaming macros. Continuous software updates from the manufacturer. Unique backlight effect in music rhythms.



Wired RGB backlit gaming keyboard 87/104 keys with blue and red switches. Russian layout. Backlight in three variants: MIX Light (brightness can be changed, but backlight color remains the same), RGB Light (14 modes of brightness and color effects) and X61 Light (all the advantages of the previous one plus luminous LED-stripes on the sides). Ergonomic design. Ability to program their layouts for their favorite games. However, some people miss the digital unit. In the reviews users note that blue switches are quite loud, but they have a nice tactile response - like an old typewriter.


Motospeed K87S

The original gaming keyboard with 87 keys is equipped with Outemu switches with a lifetime of 50 million keystrokes. Not Cherry MX, of course, but not exactly a no-name one either. You can choose between red and blue hot-switches, for PC game lovers it's perfect! The materials are all right: aluminum alloy, a very decent plastic. Pleasant speed of 0.1 ms. The enclosed cable (1.8 m) does not cause complaints. Backlight has a very wide range of settings, as a result it is convenient to work and play in any lighting. Also on all the keys works anti-hosting, ie when you press multiple keys at the same time, they all will be registered by the system, not causing problems. This feature is quite common in modern keyboards, but often affects a limited number of keys.


Smart Duck XS61

A mechanical keyboard with RGB switch and proprietary customization software. Supports 10 backlight modes. Liquid spill protection. Standard USB connection is used (USB 2.0/USB 3.0 supported), drivers will be installed automatically. Compact size saves extra space on your desk. The keyboard has good feedback with medium click sound keys with brown switches. The overall look and feel is impressive: looks like an expensive keyboard that you wouldn't be ashamed of.


Ajazz AK33

Gaming keyboard with 82 keys and black/blue switches. Wired PC gaming keyboard with ergonomic design coupled with cool LED backlighting that creates a colorful gaming atmosphere. Don't like the shimmering RGB backlighting? Here's a simple one. Don't even want regular lighting? Here's the no-LED version. The loud beats and clear sounds of the mechanical switches make for a completely immersive gaming experience. The metal-plastic bezel is nicely finished. The keyboard suits minimalistic gamers, because its creators have managed to use the keyboard's surface as much as possible, and as a result AK33 looks very compact. The developers didn't bother with any of the software either. Backlight modes are switched directly on the device via the Fn button.


GameSir VX2 AimSwitch

The innovative GameSir VX2 AimSwitch (with mouse included) is designed to deliver unprecedented gaming performance and reliability. By optimizing the CPU and algorithms and upgrading all aspects of the external hardware, the overall performance of the GameSir VX2 has been improved by as much as 200% over its predecessor.

Putting aside all the marketing hype, the "feature" of this wireless gadget is the ability to fully function for one-handed playing. The 36 TTC mechanical red switches, providing up to 50 million keystrokes, excel in speed and accuracy. The gadget is primarily designed for console gaming, supporting almost all platforms (Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch). It works with Windows, too. Robust wireless option to address major latency and stability issues. Connectivity is provided by an ultra-low latency wireless adapter. Keys are individually programmable, you can choose from preset lighting effects or create your own unique color palette.

Stylishly selected materials (aluminum alloy with ABS plastic) emphasize the status of the owner. Built-in rechargeable (in 3 hours) lithium battery (3600 mAh) does not let you relax for long.

Purchasing on AliExpress allows you to buy the hottest new products, have more freedom of choice and, importantly, save a certain amount, which can then be spent on the necessary additional gadgets. This will help you avoid the hassle of having to wait and worry about damaging your gadget or jeopardizing its appearance, which might be costly and time-consuming.

Therefore, for those who are especially impatient, we can recommend local virtual and quite realistic shops, where you can easily feel "tits" in your hands, and in our specific case - get and compare the tactile sensations of the test pressings on this or that keyboard. 

Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

The keyboard for real gamers, who appreciate the tool that can provide an incredibly fast response speed and maximum clarity of each press. This model has a compact size and does not take up much space, even on a small table. Its simple, even minimalistic appearance without any "frills" is appreciated by many people, and the gaming essence is emphasized by customizable key backlighting with 6 dynamic effects and 5 brightness levels. Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS Pro use switches Cherry MX Red, which provides excellent clarity of each press, which ensures that every movement, every action is practiced. Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS Pro - a quality keyboard, proven over the years (it appeared on our market back in 2017).

MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile

Low Profile mechanical switches are fast, precise and durable, so they're especially good for gamers and people who have to type a lot. The optimal key-point operation ensures a great tactile experience on the MSI Vigor GK50. Intelligent ergonomics also reduces strain on your wrists during long hours of typing or extended gaming sessions. Multiple millions of colors and dynamic visual effects are adjustable by MSI's Dragon Center, allowing you to control each key on the keyboard. The upper surface of the keyboard is made of brushed metal, allowing you to keep your hands firmly planted in the palm of your hand. The keys' octagonal shape underscores the gadget's fashionable design. The special keys instantly change speed, direction, and type of visual effect without any additional software. On top of the keyboard, there are hotkeys for controlling your media player, adjusting volume, and launching Afterburner utility for graphics card overclocking.

ASUS TUF Gaming K3 Brown

Mechanical keyboard with Aura Sync RGB backlight, multimedia keys, pass-through USB 2.0 port, and programmable keys.

Durable (50 million keystrokes) mechanical switches, robust aluminum frame, customizable backlighting for each key, comfort in hand thanks to detachable wrist rest with magnetic attachment. A USB 2.0 pass-through port for connecting another peripheral device, eight programmable keys with integrated memory and a separate row of multimedia keys. The TUF Gaming K3 allows you to play like a pro with its multitude of advantages!

The TUF Gaming K3 keyboard can use three types of mechanical switches: Blue, Brown and Red. Each key press is detected independently of the others, so the keyboard can handle any number of simultaneous presses.

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

Often a split second separates victory from defeat. That's where the Razer keyboard, developed and tested by the eSports teams at Team Razer, comes in. The feature is the company's fastest industrial keyboard switches, which simply did not exist before. Razer's new optical-mechanical switches use optical actuation technology combined with a new design that makes actuation a "one-two-three", even a "one-two". The key stabilizer ensures smooth and uniform operation regardless of which point of the key was pressed. In addition, the manufacturer has made everything possible to process commands as quickly as possible, which gives an advantage in intensive bouts. Memory and storage in the cloud allows you to reassign keys and save all the changes (up to 5 profiles in the hybrid built-in memory).


Which keyboards are better: membrane or mechanical?

A membrane keypad is a three-layer rubber or silicone pad laid over the electronic contacts. The entire surface of the pad is dotted with protruding "caps" on which the plastic rod keys are attached. For the key to be actuated, the rod must push the membrane down to the contacts, i.e. it must be fully pressed.
In a mechanical keyboard, each key is equipped with an individual switching mechanism that is actuated approximately midway through the key stroke. Therefore, a mechanical keyboard, for example, Motospeed K87S is much faster reacting on pressure, and it is not necessary to fully press the key, a light touch is enough. As a result, you can type faster and with less effort. Another plus of mechanics - durability. One drawback is its relatively high price.
If you spend most of the day typing on the computer and you don't mind loud key clacking (many people do), a mechanical keyboard is a good choice. Membranes sound much quieter than mechanical keyboards because the rubber and silicone cushioning is excellent.

Is there a clear distinction between gamer and office keyboards?

Different types of keyboards are "tuned" for certain tasks. They are divided into gaming keyboards and office type keyboards, depending on what the user will be doing most of the time. Gamer keyboards are distinguished by bright design, additional keys and backlighting. Simple "home" models are usually made without backlighting. It makes sense to buy handy stands (to avoid tunnel syndrome). You can achieve some compromise like Smart Duck XS61.
Avid gamers should pay attention to the keyboards designed especially for gaming, for example, Metoo Zero. However, if you do a lot of work with text, it is better to choose an ergonomic model, which will comfortably place your hands. Well, if you have to deal with numbers all the time, the keyboard has to have a separate numeric block.

What are the perspectives of wireless keyboards?

The perspective is pretty bright, since wires, as we can see, gradually become an atavism and tend to disappear giving way to wireless remote controls, wireless headphones etc. The "wireless-less" game unit GameSir VX2 AimSwitch.

What kind of switches are there?

The mechanism which makes keys respond to pressing is called a switch. Modern keyboards usually have membrane (rubber/silicone) or mechanical switches. The type of switch affects the sensitivity, noise level and the force at which the keys are pressed.

Mechanical keyboards differ in distinctive sound of pressing (like on an old typewriter). They have a faster response time than their membrane counterparts, so mechanical models are better suited for gaming. Usually they have a rather high stroke, which can be uncomfortable for those who are used to low notebook keyboards.

The most popular and reliable mechanical keyboards are Cherry MX. Their budget analog is Kailh. The manufacturers of gamer peripherals have their own developments: Bloody has Light Strike optical switches, and Razer has Razer Mechanical Switches. They differ in stroke height, actuation speed, clicking sound volume, and design elements.

What's the optimal choice for today's keyboards?

Many users don't pay much attention to the choice of a keyboard. Often the selection criteria are price, size and color. But first of all, we have to choose a "keyboard" according to its purpose: office (budget version with a minimal set of keys), ergonomic (with a comfortable layout of keys for a long set of texts), multimedia (often it is the best choice for home use, because they have additional buttons for media content control, beautiful and comfortable design). Gamer keyboards are the most expensive and functional ones with advanced capabilities and enhanced performance for intensive use in high-speed mode.

Structurally, keyboards can be: compact, foldable, rubberized, waterproof, customizable. It makes sense to choose the variant that best suits the conditions and purposes of use.

Keyboards are wired (with USB plug), which provide a good data transfer rate and are suitable for use in all systems, and wireless, which are connected via radio (which requires a special receiver) or via Bluetooth (also requires a built-in or an additional Bluetooth receiver, but the quality of communication is worse). Apart from possible delays in signal transmission, wireless keypads require periodical replacement of batteries. They can be used in multimedia centres. Only expensive wireless keyboards are suitable for gaming.

Additional features of modern keyboards include key backlight (which is convenient when working in the dark), media library control keys allowing you to control audio, rewind and other functions of video and audio files directly from the keyboard; programmable hot keys, which facilitate access to frequently used programs and applications; sensors with LCD displays allowing you to control various processes in the system and display the necessary information for clarity in a convenient format without using the main monster.

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