Americans risk not landing on the moon in 2025 because of problems with spacesuits and SpaceX's landing module

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 03.12.2023, 01:23
Americans risk not landing on the moon in 2025 because of problems with spacesuits and SpaceX's landing module

With a high probability, American astronauts will not be able to land on the Moon in due time. This conclusion was reached by the U.S. Court of Auditors.

Here's What We Know

In 2022, NASA successfully completed the mission Artemis I, and at the end of 2024 is scheduled Artemis II. The first mission with human landing is scheduled for 2025. However, it may not take place on time due to delays in the development of the landing module and spacesuits. These projects are being handled by SpaceX and Axiom, respectively.

SpaceX recently made a second attempt to send a Starship rocket system into space after a failed spring test. The new test was more successful, but communications with Starship were cut off and the Super Heavy rocket exploded during descent.

As for the spacesuits, NASA invested more than $400 million to build them. However, it was eventually decided to purchase the suits from Axiom. The amount of the deal was $229 million. The company must solve several problems in the development of spacesuits. In particular, to provide an emergency oxygen supply.

The space agency is trying to develop a system for landing people on the Moon a year faster than is usually needed to implement such a project. So far, the official target date for Artemis III is 2025, but the mission is likely to take place in early 2027.

The Artemis lunar programme will put Americans back on the moon. The last time humans landed on our planet's natural satellite was in 1972. Now the US is competing with China, which wants to send its taikonauts to the Moon by 2030.

American astronauts will go to space in the Orion spacecraft, created by Lockheed Martin. A Space Launch System rocket will be used as the carrier. But in lunar orbit, the astronauts will transfer to the SpaceX Starship, which will take them to the area of the moon's south pole.

Six days after landing, the astronauts will head home. The spacesuits will remain inside the Starship, which will not return to Earth. The spacecraft will remain in lunar orbit due to fuel shortages.

Source: MSN