Minecraft will receive the "Wild Update" on June 7

By: Vadim Osiyuk | 27.05.2022, 17:36
Minecraft will receive the "Wild Update" on June 7

In October last year Mojang announced a major update The Wild Update for Minecraft. Yesterday it was received exact release date - the update will be available in a week and a half. 

The main thing in the update The Wild Update

  • Three new mobs - a watchman, a quiet and a frog (which will actually be divided into two subspecies - caviar and tadpole) 
  • Two new biomes - deep darkness, in some hiding screamers, and mangrove swamps where, in fact, grow mangrove trees 
  • New blocks - dirt, frog block, as well as additional varieties of rolling blocks, which can be found "only in a very scary biome"
  • The new design is a boat with a chest. 

The Wild Update  applies to all current platforms in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (PC, Xbox, Switch and smartphones) as well Minecraft: Java Edition (PC, macOS and Linux). You need to wait for the update on June 7. 

Source: minecraft.net

Photo: minecraft.net