The next season at Rainbow Six Siege starts on June 14

By: Vadim Osiyuk | 11.06.2022, 14:07
The next season at Rainbow Six Siege starts on June 14

Ubisoft decided on the start date Vector Glare - the second season of the seventh year of support Rainbow Six Siege: update will be released on June 14. 

It will be recalled that the new update includes:

  • Attacking operative Sense from Belgium. His gadget creates a light curtain. 
  • Map Close Quarter, which was specially created for Team Deathmatch mode. 
  • Shooting range - a zone for testing weapons. 
  • Game guides for operatives. They are located in the menu of characters. 
  • Advanced privacy settings - in particular, you can change the nickname that will be displayed to other players, as well as hide the profile avatar. 
  • Reputation system with a penalty for misconduct. 
  • Convenience improvements - Ubisoft has improved the cancellation feature and added the ability to disable screen shake. 
  • Prices for some operatives were understated. 
  • Seasonal skins for weapons and keychains. 
  • Changes in the balance of the characters. 
  • Fixed known bugs and general improvements - for example, the interface in observer mode has become more informative. 

You can read more about the new Vector Glare season at Siege website