Twitter raises the price of its Blue subscription for the first time

By: Michael Korgs | 29.07.2022, 16:15
Twitter raises the price of its Blue subscription for the first time

The price for the $3 monthly subscription has now increased to $5. Twitter Blue has increased prices for new members, according to an email sent out by the social networking site. The firm stated in a letter published by Matt Navarra of social media consultancy That is that early adopters will be notified at least 30 days before their accounts' rates change.

In an email to subscribers, Twitter confirmed the price increase and mentioned that it will help the company develop new features that customers have been requesting, enhance current ones, and keep its mission of promoting journalism. It also said it is currently developing a "more frictionless reading experience" and debuting new test initiatives in Twitter Blue Labs for people who wish to stay with the higher subscription rate.

Back in November, Twitter launched its subscription service in the United States, allowing more dedicated users to access additional functionality for the website. Some of its functions may be quite useful, including the ability to Undo tweets, which is currently the closest thing to a "delete" button. It also gives users with limited internet connectivity access to new features on the website.

In its second quarter earnings report, Twitter revealed that the number of regular users on the website had increased dramatically. The bad news was that this wasn't accompanied by an increase in income for the company. It recorded a net loss of $270 million owing to the economic downturn and Musk's takeover uncertainty. Back in April, Musk announced that he would buy Twitter for $44 billion, but the company quickly accepted. But since then, they've been at odds. In July, Twitter sued Elon Musk for attempting to back out of the deal, and now the two companies will go head-to-head in an accelerated five-day trial starting in October.