Logitech G Fits: TWS headphones that "melt" and take the shape of your ear

By: Elena Shcherban | 24.09.2022, 10:52
Logitech G Fits: TWS headphones that "melt" and take the shape of your ear

Logitech has introduced unusual wireless headphones Logitech G Fits, designed primarily for gamers.

Here's What We Know

The headphones don't have the typical active noise cancellation, instead they feature soft gel ear cushions and feature LIGHTFORM technology developed by Logitech G in partnership with Ultimate Ears. It's simple: the gel they're made of is fused with LED light and molded to the shape of your ear. The result is customized ear pads that provide the ultimate in comfort you can only get from something that's been made just for you. The molding process is controlled through the Logitech G FITS app, and it only takes a minute to fully customize your headphones. These headphones won't fall out and act as passive external noise blockers.

The G Fits are also the first Logitech TWS headphones to feature the new Lightspeed feature, available exclusively for Logitech gaming accessories. It's a high-speed wireless connection with cable-like performance with gaming-grade latency. It also claims to support conventional Bluetooth connectivity.

The Logitech G Fits feature dual microphones, 10mm audio drivers, and batteries that have enough power for 15 hours of battery life with a charging case and Lightspeed enabled. Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity provides longer playback times of up to 20 hours.

Price and when to expect

The new product is available in two colors: black and yellow and white and lilac. Logitech G Fits headphones cost $230, but won't go on sale until October.

Source: Logitech