The All-New XRT from Traxxas — Race-Inspired Design and Engineering Meets X-Maxx Power

By: Makosii Olga | 28.10.2022, 17:28
The All-New XRT from Traxxas — Race-Inspired Design and Engineering Meets X-Maxx Power

The Traxxas XRT is the newest RC car on the market, and it's already making waves with its race-inspired design and engineering. This ⅙ scale car was made with speed and performance in mind, and it definitely delivers — it can reach speeds of 60+ MPH with ease. Plus, its all-metal 8s driveline and low center of gravity make it extremely durable and stable.

If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of these cars, you'll see it really fly over the ground surface! Here's a closer look at what makes the Traxxas XRT so special.

XRT Performance and Durability

The XRT's all-metal 8s driveline can handle anything you throw at it. The dual 6700 4s batteries and the steering servo are positioned to place the weight as low as possible, giving the XRT a low center of gravity for unparalleled handling. The XRT's patent-pending clipless body easily removes and installs in just seconds, making it easy to keep your car in top condition. The XRT's Gravix race tires are a revolutionary new design that provides incredible grip and stability.

XRT Features

The XRT comes packed with features that will take your RC car experience to the next level. The XRT's low profile body and wide stance give it confidence and control as it accelerates across the wide-open spaces to an all-out speed of 60+MPH. The XRT's intuitive controls make it easy to drive, even for beginners. And if you ever need a break from racing, the XRT comes with a built-in LED light bar so you can explore off-road terrain after dark.

Final Thoughts

The Traxxas XRT is an RC car that combines race-inspired design and engineering with X-Maxx power and strength. The result is a platform with sharp reflexes and unprecedented stability that is capable of exploiting the upper range of extreme 8s power and speed. If you're looking for an RC car that is fast, powerful, and able to handle a variety of different terrain types, then you need to check out the Traxxas XRT, which is already available for pre-order at Traxxas official site.

Traxxas XRT vs Traxxas Crawlers

If you're looking for an RC car that's built for speed, then the Traxxas XRT RC Monster Truck is the clear winner. The top speed of this bad boy is 60+ mph, making it one of the fastest RC cars on the market. The Traxxas RC Crawlers, on the other hand, are designed for those who want to take their time and enjoy the journey. RC Crawlers are definitely not built for speedsters. However, they more than make up for it with their incredible off-road capabilities. The crawlers fans will be able to enjoy a new Traxxas TRX 4M Scale and Trail Crawler (1/18 Scale) in November.