OnePlus announced its first mechanical keyboard

By: Elena Shcherban | 05.12.2022, 22:43
OnePlus announced its first mechanical keyboard

OnePlus has announced the OnePlus Feature co-creation project, in which the company will collaborate with other manufacturers on new products. And the first such product will be a mechanical keyboard.

Here's What We Know

This is the first OnePlus keyboard, and Keychron will also be involved in its creation. It is still young (established in 2017), but quite successful brand, which has established itself in the market as a manufacturer of reliable gamer keyboards.

There is not much information about the new product yet: we only know that it is a mechanical keyboard with the ability to customize the keys. But we don't have long to wait for details, because OnePlus promises to release the keyboard in early 2023, and in the global market.

The company has also announced two new monitors for the PC, indicating that it is very interested in entering the PC market.

Source: GSMArena