ChatGPT has learned how to control drones and robots

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 22.02.2023, 15:43
ChatGPT has learned how to control drones and robots

Microsoft engineers have trained the ChatGPT neural network with a new ability. Previously, the artificial intelligence could communicate with users, search for information on the Internet, write essays and program code. Now it has become the operator of robots and drones.

Here's What We Know

Microsoft experts have trained the chatbot to control drones and robots using text commands. Engineers determined which high-level library functions ChatGPT could engage, and set a few limitations.

If the neural network couldn't understand the instructions, it asked the researchers clarifying questions. After receiving answers, ChatGPT wrote code to control the robot and drone.

To demonstrate the chatbot's skills, the researchers asked the drone to take selfies. To do this, ChatGPT instructed the drone to fly up to a mirror and take a picture of itself. In a second experiment, the chatbot controlled a robotic arm that recreated Microsoft's logo from coloured cubes.

Source: Microsoft