Gen-4 Prosperity I sets world range record for eVTOL air taxi

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 03.03.2023, 15:45
Gen-4 Prosperity I sets world range record for eVTOL air taxi

Autoflight is on its way to certifying the Gen-4 Prosperity I electric flying taxi, and has announced a new achievement. Its electric plane was able to set a world record for range in this category.

Here's What We Know

In mid-summer 2021, the Joby Aviation aircraft became the record-setter among vertical take-off and landing electric taxis (eVTOL). It was able to fly 240 km without recharging. The record lasted less than two years.

Autoflight said the Gen-4 Prosperity I air taxi successfully completed the world's longest flight. The flight was made at a distance of 250.64 km. Thus, the electric plane flew 10.64 km more than the previous record holder.

The company unveiled the air taxi in 2022. The new variant of the Gen-4 Prosperity I differs significantly from the model that debuted last year. It is equipped with ten engines and has massive beams. The drawback of the design is that the propellers always remain in a horizontal orientation, which impairs aerodynamics during flight.

Autoflight is working on the Gen-4 Prosperity I in Germany. The air taxi seats four passengers. The company hopes to be certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) by 2025 to begin commercial use of the air taxi.

Source: Electrek