Google released three applications for creating selfies, "cubes" and "comics"

Apps Storyboard, Selfissimo! and   Scrubbies allow you to make black-and-white selfies, looped rollers and   convert video to   comics

Google released three applications for creating selfies, "cubes" and "comics"

Google released three applications for editing photos and   videos that work on   based on the company's algorithms for   recognition of objects and   allocation among them people.


This application allows you to turn ordinary video into   page of a steep comic strip, just like in   the universe of Marvel or DC. The system makes a storyboard, selects interesting frames and   turns them   at   comics, applying one of the   six visual effects. At the same time, access to   Internet is not   needed.

The Storyboard application is available for devices on the   the base of Android .



AT   Google called this application an automated self-taught autograph . Touch the screen to start a photo session   - and   every time you   will die in   pose, Selfissimo! will make a stylish black and white picture. No more   it is necessary neither   self-stick , nor   help poor fellow-friend !

The application works and   on Android , and   on iOS .

: selfissimo.gif


This application is similar to Coub, which allows you to make looped videos and   control the playback speed and   direction (for example, you can start the video in   reverse order). Available for iOS devices .


Source: Googleblog