"The best episode of the saga": Critics are delighted with the new Star Wars

By: Eugene Sherban | 14.12.2017, 12:54
"The best episode of the saga": Critics are delighted with the new Star Wars

Critics, bloggers, admirers of fan sites   and   many other lucky people have already gone to the pre-premiere screenings of a new part of the " Star Wars " and   praise her   at   one vote.

If you open reviews for   Metacritic, then   Evaluation of the film is usually divided into   " Excellent " , " fucking " and   "The best film of the series. " For example, The Telegraph writes that these are good old -star wars, but   sensations from   they are of a different order. Say, the film became darker, he   raises many questions from   previous films and   not   hesitate to consider them   at an uncomfortable angle.

For example, the columnist Empire liked how the authors look at the   Anakin's dilemma. Say they should   Are we   lay the blame for   go to   dark side on   the guy? A   Can Obi Wan be to blame not   less than it? Teacher, after all .

AT   all critics agree   one   - a bold and   quite ordinary " Star Wars " , but   you   their   love. Discontented can be counted by   fingers, and   their claims are reduced to   The fact that there is no love line and   pathos is not enough. The overall picture is the following   - 86 points on Metacritic , 94% on Rotten Tomatoes , 8.3 on IMDB .

Only here it is important to understand that critics, too, people and the sterile " Awakening of the Force " were initially praised in the same way a couple of years ago. That's why everything is better   it is worth going to   movies and   evaluate everything yourself.