Disney buys 21st Century Fox for 52 billion dollars!

By: Eugene Sherban | 14.12.2017, 16:10
Disney buys 21st Century Fox for 52 billion dollars!

Not   you can drown the competitor   - then buy it. Approximately so argued the evil Mickey Mouse in   one of the   episodes of South Park. Approximately so   Disney does the same when buying a Fox studio with   all its   dowry. The deal will force even Qualcomm's directors to be excited   - 52   a billion dollars!

Thus, the share of Disney in   the film industry will now amount to a crazy 38%. A   the big six of Disney, Fox, Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal and   Sony will turn into   five. In   the head of which will be Disney. Officially this should be announced tonight.


What does it mean

What Disney will take away from   Fox superheroes, which once sold the bent studio Marvel. A   this is one " Spider-Man " , four of them   " Fantastic Four " and   many people from   "The X-Men. " Plus all the secondary characters and   villains from   these   franchises.

In addition to super heroes Fox to   Disney will withdraw the rights to   " Alien " , " Predator " , " Avatar " , " Planet of the Apes " , " Strong Nut " and   « Kingsman » . But   if once something inside of Disney breaks something, then   we will have to walk in   cinema on   horrible movies with   favorite heroes. Although, for the sake of justice, the last " Kingsman " , " Nut " and   " Stranger " and   it was not   very, and   continuation of " Avatar " sounds cool only with   words of Cameron.

A   Disney will grab his   production of serials, which only   the last year gave out posh " Fargo " , " Legion " and   " Atlanta " .

Source: BBC