Vivo will first release a smartphone with a screen fingerprint scanner

Which model will receive Clear ID   - it is not known, but   there are rumors that this will be Vivo Xplay 7, and   it did not take long to wait

Vivo will first release a smartphone with a screen fingerprint scanner

Like us   have already written, Synaptics has started manufacturing new generation sensors   - Clear ID   FS9500 . This is a fingerprint scanner that will be placed under the surface of the screen.

Who is first

Despite   rumors, the first Clear ID   will not   Samsung, and   the Chinese company Vivo. It is also part of the   the top five manufacturers of smartphones in   world, so in   Synaptics does not   deceived, saying that they are cooperating with one of the companies on this list.

Which Vivo model will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor   - it is not known, but   It is assumed that this will be Vivo Xplay 7, and   he will, according to   preliminary data, already in   early next year.

How does it work

The Synaptics sensor is suitable for devices with   OLED-displays . The optical sensor is located under the pixels and   uses the light emitted by them to capture the image of the surface of the finger. First he   recognizes a touch, after which the screen highlights the desired area. After that, the intelligent system checks the picture with   the base of the saved fingerprints, on coincidence the device is unlocked.

In this case, the scanner does not   scary neither   wet hands, nor   protective films, nor   temperature changes.

Exceeded expectations

Analyst Moor Insights & Strategy Patrick Moorehead has already tested the first Vivo smartphone with a screen scanner and   was pleased. " The CMOS image sensor has a thickness of 7   mm and   reads fingerprints right through the OLED display . is he   works faster than I do   I expected "   - said Patrick.

Source: The Verge