Apple will close the iTunes store in 2019

By: Elena Shcherban | 18.12.2017, 22:05
Apple will close the iTunes store in 2019

The media reported on   the fact that Apple decided after almost 15 years of existence to close the online music store iTunes.

Why close

iTunes earned in   April 2003. AT   Apple founder Steve Jobs insisted that   he sold tracks for   isolation, and   not   whole albums   - on   99 cents for   composition. Later on   " Counters " iTunes appeared movies, TV shows, audiobooks and   other media content.

But   Now the model of music consumption in   the world has changed: instead of buying tracks one by one, users prefer to subscribe and   listen to any songs from   audio libraries. Therefore iTunes does not   at   to cooperate with   such services as Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL.

By   the Nielsen report, in   This year, the number of purchased tracks was reduced by   24.1%, and   on   the next year of the prospect is even sadder: the projected fall will be 30% or even more.

When they close

iTunes plan to close to   2019 year. All user purchased tracks and   their   playlists will transfer to   the Apple Music library.
Perhaps, in this way,   Apple decided to bring in   leaders of Apple Music, who, despite   all efforts, so far and so   not   can reach   Spotify.

Source: WeRaveYou