Uklon taxi service will refuse from "Lanos"

By: Eugene Sherban | 21.12.2017, 11:40
Uklon taxi service will refuse from "Lanos"

The founder and   CEO of Vitaly Dyatlenko says that Uklon has grown to   level, when he can offer his passengers only trips to the   comfortable cars.

Lanos in our service still remained, but they did not stop taking new ones, "explains Dyatlenko. - There were only those that fit the driver ratings and the state of the car. If the rating falls - turn off. I'm sure, at the end of 2018 Uklon will come to the complete absence of Lanos in the service. "

Why refuse

Uklon, the recent launched the application Uklon Driver , which allows you to become a taxi driver to almost anyone who has a decent car and the ability to drive. As they say in   company, the launch caused a large influx of drivers who want to work with   high level of quality. Therefore, the new Lanos in   Uklon take a stop, and   from   old ones get rid of   end of 2018.

AND   it's all perfectly fine, but   It should be understood that Lanos as in   the proverb about the village to get out of   Not   it will turn out. By   at the very least   the   one taxi service to do it is not   happened. Thanks to the complete lack of competition on   market due to the price of   customs clearance of foreign cars. A   this means that the cycle of Lanosov will continue and   they will emerge in   another taxi service. A   then their   will gradually be replaced by   Dacia Logan.