Battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 with two USB ports costs $ 12

By: Bohdan Chub | 21.12.2017, 22:12
Battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 with two USB ports costs $ 12

This week, the Chinese online store Xiaomi will begin selling an updated portable battery Mi Power Bank 2 for 10 000 mAh with the function of simultaneously charging two user devices.

What's new?


The only major change in Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 was the second USB port. Fast charging in both directions is supported, all popular standards are declared (5V / 2A, 9V / 2A and 12V / 1.5A - up to 18W), but the maximum current for two outputs is limited to 2.4 amperes. The effective capacity of the battery is 6500 mAh. This is enough for 3.5 charge of the iPhone 7, and after two full charge Xiaomi Mi A1 energy is enough for another low-power gadget. Especially since there is a special low-current mode for wireless headphones and fitness trackers. The thickness of the body of anodized aluminum is only 14.2 mm.


In India, a new battery appeared a few months ago. There it is sold as Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2i and is only available in blue. Silver and black versions will be available in the Chinese market. The battery itself can be charged in 4.2 hours with 18-watt charging (or 6.2 hours with standard 5V / 2A), the Micro USB port.

The price and release date


Sales of the renewed Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 battery will begin on December 22 at a price of about $ 12 - the same price as the previous model (which can be bought at Chinese sites cheaper than $ 17 ). In the company's lineup there is also a Mi Power Bank Pro model with USB Type-C input and one output, it will cost almost $ 20.

Mobile batteries for Xiaomi are produced by Chinese manufacturer ZMI, recently presented a miniature charging for 3000 mAh under its own brand.