Android no longer supports 32-bit applications

By: Anton Melnik | 22.12.2017, 08:49
Android no longer supports 32-bit applications

In its developer diaries, Google officially announced the end of support for 32-bit applications, as well as about another cleaning on Google Play

And why is this

According to the company, a full transition to 64-bit will bring increased performance and a number of new features, in addition, the autonomy of gadgets running Android will also increase. The developers, in turn, will have enough time to prepare for the changes, because the full transition will only happen with the release of Android 10 Q, and this is around August 2018. In addition, now every application on Google Play will have a verified quality mark, which helps users to distinguish fake software from the original one. This will allow to deal with applications of scammers who masquerade their software under WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and other services clients, and then start stealing personal data or simply throwing tons of advertising on an unhappy user.

In the dry residue

The above innovations significantly clean Google Play from irrelevant and viral programs, which is pretty cool, because the overcrowding of the Google store with poor-quality content was a kind of Achilles heel of Android, which adversely affected the overall user experience.

Source: Google