Bendable Samsung Galaxy X mixed up with another smartphone

By: Bohdan Chub | 22.12.2017, 21:12
Bendable Samsung Galaxy X mixed up with another smartphone

Back in the summer, the network had the first information about the Samsung smartphone with the atypical SM-G888N0 for the company. Users have suggested that this is the same folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy X with a flexible display. But the collective mind failed.

What really?

It turns out that under the number SM-G888N0 is a protected smartphone for railway workers in South Korea. The gadget was announced during the presentation of the LTE-Railway network on the high-speed Wonju-Kannyn branch. Of course, the new model also supports this standard.

On the Korean site Samsung first mention of the device appeared in November. Since then the page has not been updated, so there is no information about the characteristics and design of the device. In any case, the model is not designed for the mass market and is unlikely to appear in free sale.

You need to wait

As if Samsung did not name its first bendable smartphone, its official announcement is expected in 2018. The model will become part of the Galaxy Note line. In September, representatives of the company said that they still need to solve some problems, and the novelty will be released only if the technology is ready to enter the mass market.

In patents, the Korean giant also hints at changes in the user interface of new format devices.

Source: LetsGoDigital