Apple made Pokémon Go even more real

Update on   iOS 11 will allow Pokémon to respond to   approximation of the player and   even give   unwary " hunter "

Apple made Pokémon Go even more real

Niantic Labs, the developer of the most popular game of augmented reality in   world Pok é mon Go, announced a new update for iOS 11. iPhone users and   iPad will be able to activate the function AR +, thanks to which the game will become even more real.

What's new

Now, no   Only you   will see the Pokémon, but   and   they are you. The   there are characters will react when you   approach the   him, and   even they can escape, frightened by an imprudent " hunter " .

Also players will be able to approach   pokemon and   consider them   from   different parties   - Of course, if not   scared.


Where and   when to expect

New features will only be available on   iOS, since it is this operating system that has its own engine of Augmented Reality ARKit. Perhaps an update will appear   on   Android, when they are ready   ARCore Augmented Reality Platform.

AR + will be available to Apple device owners in   soon.

Source: The Verge