OnePlus 6 will receive an improved analog Face ID

By: Elena Shcherban | 24.12.2017, 18:45
OnePlus 6 will receive an improved analog Face ID

Sources Gizmochina report on   The fact that the smartphone OnePlus 6 will borrow the iPhone X one important function: the model will receive a face scanning system like Face ID , but   improved.

How the Face ID works

AT   OnePlus 6 will be a three-dimensional face scanning system for user authorization. In   The front camera will have additional sensors, which will also be used in   supplemented reality applications for tracking facial expressions and   movements of the head. Although the sensors and   " Settle down " for   upper frame, its   thickness will try to minimize. AND   " Monobrovi " is not   will be.

Previous experience

Have   OnePlus already has its own face scanning system   - Face Unlock, which is used in   the flagship of 5T. It works only for   front camera account: brighter than Face ID, but   less secure. Yes   and   at   darkness from   her no sense. Apparently, in   OnePlus decided to improve the technology and   make from   her worthy competitor Face ID.

What is known

It was also reported that the device will receive a fingerprint scanner built right into the   screen. By   rumors, OnePlus 6 will get a 6-inch Quad HD   + screen (2880 on   1440 pixels) and   the aspect ratio of 18: 9, 8-core chip Snapdragon 845, 8 GB   operational and   256 gigabytes of internal memory, a modern USB Type-C port and   battery for   3300   mAh with   technology fast charge Dash Charge.

Sources say that OnePlus 6 will be presented in   March 2018, and   not   in the summer, as expected earlier.

Source: Gizmochina