Ubisoft wants to make video games smarter with artificial intelligence

By: Eugene Sherban | 26.12.2017, 14:59
Ubisoft wants to make video games smarter with artificial intelligence

One of   the largest gaming studios Ubisoft opens a new division of La   Forge, in   which brings together specialists in   AI   and   game developers. Objective of the project   - make games " smarter " .

AT   than the problem with   AI   at   games

Instead of firing back from behind the box, the enemy jumps out from behind the shelter and   from   proudly accepts   fives of bullets. NPC, which should give an assignment for   removal of the gang of orcs, tightly stuck in the   tree. A partner who needs to be protected from the killer runs straight to the banner . You scream at him, but he does not hear. Reboot. Such nonsense in bulk as in   old games, and   modern large-scale projects. In fact, all the serious achievements of the gaming industry for   The last 10 years are mainly related to graphics.

How can this be improved?

Looking at   flowering AI   and   machine learning, guys from   Ubisoft decided to change something . For example, using autopilot technologies in   modern electric cars, they can force drivers into   game ride more carefully. Actions on   which react game characters, too, will become more complicated. AT   commonplace action pattern AI   " I saw the enemy   - started shooting at   answer " can be broken down into   more small steps like they did with   poker bot Libratus , forcing the NPC to adjust to the situation. For example, throw grenades at players because of shelter, until   reinforcements will arrive. Call the police if you   stole his car in   GTA. Or teach the NPC to move independently   map as living people, and   not   stand on   one place in   waiting for the player.

But   this is only one of them   options. Than it will turn on   total   - not   even in   Ubisoft. A new company was opened on   days, so the results are not expected   soon.

A source: Engadget