LG and HERE are working on a platform for cars-drones

By: Elena Shcherban | 28.12.2017, 21:23
LG and HERE are working on a platform for cars-drones

Companies LG   Electronics and   HERE Technologies have entered into an agreement and   began work on the creation of a telematic platform for self-governing cars.

What it is

Telematics platform   Is a communication device for robotic vehicles, with   with which they can share information, for example, about   traffic jams on   road, repair work, speed and   direction of motion.

By   all data from   different machines will be in   cloud, and   their   will analyze and   create a map so that self-governing cars can " see " , like   where to go. TO   If, for example,   car cork will report   congestion   - others will be able to go round it   by   another route.


Who will do what?

Partners have already shared the responsibilities: LG   Electronics will be responsible for   satellite navigation, Bluetooth wireless technology and   Wi-Fi and   systems of information exchange through high-speed cellular networks, and   HERE will take on   creation of actual road maps (it is no wonder, after all the company is engaged in development of digital maps and   geolocation services).

Companies promise to automakers in   to create a " reliable and   protected data center for machines with   high degree of automation and   self-controlled machines. "

TO   word, LG   Electronics has long been interested in unmanned vehicles. Together with   Qualcomm company founded a research laboratory in   Seoul, where they are working to improve the safety of an unmanned vehicle. Exactly at   LG   Electronics developed technology V2X (that   the very link between the machines) and   develop stereoscopic cameras for Mercedes-Benz .

Recall, cartographic service HERE   - a former division of Nokia, which in 2015 bought a consortium of   of the three largest German car manufacturers   - Audi, BMW and   Daimler. AT   Last year they announced a rebranding and   decided to focus on   main and   the most commonly used function   - finding the best routes to   place of destination.

Source: LG   Electronics