In OLL.TV there was a package Amediatka with serials HBO

By: Eugene Sherban | 05.01.2018, 12:07
In OLL.TV there was a package Amediatka with serials HBO

Ukrainian interactive television service OLL.TV has signed a contract with   Russian-language service Amediateka and   will receive the right of the wedding night on   showing the series of the HBO channel. A   " The Game of Thrones " , " Underground Empire " , " The Real Detective " , "The World of the Wild West " and   a pack of others is not   less exciting series.

All this good will cost 99 hryvnia in   month from   right to use the account on   three different devices. AT   theory, the subscribers of the package will be able to watch the new series in   the day of the premiere, both on   Amediateka. Only in   press release OLL.TV is formulated as follows: " OLL.TV will regularly update the section of Amediatrics with new episodes and   long-awaited premieres. " How regularly   - in OLL.TV is not   specify.

Judging by   comments in   network, many Ukrainian users like   would look at the " Game of Thrones " and   Other TV shows on   mother tongue, but   it is important to understand that OLL.TV buys only a license for   HBO products, and   Ukrainian localization was worth   would have extra money. AND   we   not   I'm sure there was   would be so   many willing, ready to pay monthly for   is not   100, and, for example, 200 hryvnia, paying extra for   the work of translators.

Source: OLL.TV