Pixel and Nexus have problems after installing Android 8.1

By: Elena Shcherban | 07.01.2018, 17:03
Pixel and Nexus have problems after installing Android 8.1

Together with   upgrade to   operating system Android 8.1   Google Pixel smartphones and   Nexus received and   Problems. Complaints from   users showered in   Reddit and   official forum Google.

What happened

Owners of Pixel and   Nexus reports that the sensors began to react poorly to   finger movements   - the so-called whipping. Simply put, to unlock the smartphone, delete from the   notification screen, reply to   call or reset the call, you need to   screen, however,   Android 8.1 it became more difficult.

In order for the device to recognize your command, it is necessary to repeat the motion several times or to apply more force. It reminds everyone of the game Fruit Ninja, but instead of an exciting " massacre " and   bonuses you   get only irritability.

Google is aware of this problem, but when they eliminate it - do not specify.

Recall, Google began distributing the final version of the update Android 8.1 Oreo for Pixel smartphones first and   second generation, and   Also for Nexus 5X, 6P and   Pixel C tablets   a month ago. Main innovations   - activation of the Pixel Visual Core processor in   smartphones Pixel 2 and   Pixel 2 XL, allowing third-party software developers   For shooting, add support for proprietary HDR + mode, and   also improved Neural Networks API .

Source: GSMArena