GoPro stops the production of drones, dismisses employees and thinks about selling

Due to financial problems, the company may   extreme measures   - sell their assets, but   The final decision is not yet   accepted

GoPro stops the production of drones, dismisses employees and thinks about selling

GoPro does not go far   the best times, so I stunned several statements at once.

AT   overflight

First , the production of the first and   The only drones for Karma, which were released in   sale in   September 2016. AT   companies recognize that their   child is not   could beat competitors, so the profit from   selling kvadrokopterov, to put it mildly, disappointed. TO   the   However, a few days after the release of the device had to be withdrawn due to a problem with   power supply. The first pancake is lumpy   - with   this is not   argue.

Secondly , in   companies are going to lay off 20% of their employees, and   it is more than 250 people. After that, in   The staff should remain less than a thousand employees.

Who will save GoPro

After such news, GoPro shares immediately   they collapsed on   30%, but   then rose a little. But   it's not   all in   The media has information on   possible sale of the company. Sources say that representatives of GoPro a few months ago hired JP Morgan Chase specialists, who are now actively looking for buyers.

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said that they really think about   sale of its assets and   on   in fact hired specialists from   JP Morgan Chase, but   while talking about   a specific decision early. Not   it is excluded that in   The companies will change their mind or not   will find a suitable buyer. By   according to Nick Woodman, they wanted   would find a parent company that would take them   under his wing and   help get out of   financial " pit " . Anyway, Woodman promises to   Anyway, keep the brand.

what   g, the general director of GoPro was worth   be more attentive to   this issue, because together with   company " drowns " and   he is in   In 2018, his payments were reduced to   1   dollar in   year, and   this is not   joke.

Source: CNBC , The Verge