LG will launch its system of contactless payments LG Pay

By: miroslav-trinko | 12.01.2018, 00:05
LG will launch its system of contactless payments LG Pay

Nowadays it's very popular to create your own contactless payment systems. For example, Google has Android Pay (now Google Pay ), Apple has Apple Pay, Samsung has Samsung Pay. It is quite logical that LG will join this list with its service of contactless payments LG Pay.

Principle of operation

The service will work in the same way as with Samsung, using wireless magnetic communication technology. This means that terminals do not have to be with PayPass. While it is not clear which models of smartphones will support this technology, it is only known about LG G7.

When they present

It is worth saying that at the moment the service is already functioning at home. And in a recently published article on the resource Yonhap News Agency , it is said that LG is announcing its system in July for the United States. A quick announcement confirms some leaks from the company's website. Also, recently the service application appeared on the Google Play store for several hours, then it was deleted. Most likely, the announcement will occur on MWC 2018.


The launch of the service in the US means that the company is going to release the system to the global market. And if you take into account the moment that Android Pay operates in Ukraine, it is logical to assume that LG will want to compete and will present its service in the future also with us.

Source: AndroidPolice