Huawei patented the "smart" clock with a touchless bezel

The sensor frame of the smart watch is divided into   8 sectors, each of   responsible for   defined function

Huawei patented the "smart" clock with a touchless bezel

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) granted Huawei a patent for   smart watch with   sensory bezel   - a frame around the display. This is a rather non-standard way, because now the developers of " smart " watches use for their   control physical buttons, touch screen or rotary bezel.


How it works

AT   patent states that the bezel hours from   Huawei will be divided into   8 sectors. Each of the   they will be responsible for   one specific function, more opportunities are opened by pressing combinations of different sectors.

For example, when the upper right sector looks like   clockwise and   against it, the screen " scrolls " up and   down. Waving the bottom right sector causes the screen to go to the left and   right. Opposite sectors together increase or decrease the image.


Sensors can also determine the force of pressing, and   The strap hides additional buttons.

Of   what's made

Smart Clock with   sensor frame can be made of   steel, plastic, aluminum and   ceramics, and   strap   - from   leather or rubber.


Recall, for   The company already has two generations of Huawei Watch watches, but   The first model released in   2015, all   had a greater demand for   compared to   his follower.

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