MacBook Air is 10 years old

By: Eugene Sherban | 16.01.2018, 11:30
MacBook Air is 10 years old

Today exactly 10 years have passed since   The moment Steve Jobs came out on   scene of the exhibition hall in   San Francisco and   got out of   thin white paper envelope white laptop, battling spectators hitherto unprecedented in size.

10 years ago, the very notion of an ultrabook seemed like a dream of Sony's bosses, and   the usual working laptop weighed 3 - 4 kg, which was quite normal. Thin laptops were on   market, but   as a rule they suffered from   high price, weak iron, lack of a full-sized keyboard or a tiny screen. A   then   and   from   all at once.

First   same Air on   their   the background seemed something completely different. Have   It had a convenient display for   13.3 inches, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a good Intel GMA X3100 graphics card, 2 GB   RAM, SSD drive,   a full-size keyboard, a convenient touchpad and a single USB connector instead of a CD drive. It was really the thinnest and   elegant laptop on   market, with no weaknesses in the   filling or construction. True, and   he cost   on   that moment of the whole $ 3100, which was somewhat more expensive even for the top Mac Pro.

Source: The Verge