Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac has been updated to version 16 with a bunch of utilities

By: Vitali Bondar | 19.01.2018, 03:26
Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac has been updated to version 16 with a bunch of utilities

Microsoft has seriously updated its office suite for Macs: users have already started to receive a "major" update with collaboration capabilities, improved work in the cloud, and full support for Google calendars and contacts in Outlook.


What's new

Now, users of Microsoft Office on Apple computers can fully work together on documents in real time. About other users who opened the document for editing, will report "avatars" in the upper right corner of the application window. If at that point another user is editing the document, the cursor-flag is displayed in the corresponding part of the document.


It works quickly, in addition, even anonymous users can edit files in a regular browser - only a special link is needed. If you have ever edited a document together in Google Docs, you will understand what it means - it looks very similar.


Improved work in the cloud: when you save to OneDrive the document is always up to date, you can always see the changes made by other users, as well as the history of file changes. Saving to the cloud can now happen automatically.

Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

PowerPoint has a new feature (only for subscribers of Office 365) for quick start of work - "Quick Starter" (look in the menu "New"). With its help you can quickly sketch the "backbone" of the presentation. Media files added to the presentation can now be cropped. The trackpad or mouse can act as a "laser pointer".

Excel also downloaded: new functions, more diagrams, including a new one - "Map", which in a few steps allows you to turn geographic data into a map.

And Outlook has not been left without attention: letters can be archived and deleted with the help of "svaypov" on the trackpad or mouse. Cherry on the cake: there was really long-awaited support for Google calendars and contacts.

Microsoft released Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac in mid-July 2015, and in 2016, an add-on package appeared in the office suite. Recall that the preliminary release of the allegedly last "off-line" Office 19 is scheduled for mid-2018, the final one - for the second half of 2018.