Instagram now shows when you were online

By: Elena Shcherban | 20.01.2018, 14:12
Instagram now shows when you were online

AT   Instagram has a new feature that has long been familiar to users of popular instant messengers, including Facebook Messenger and   WhatsApp. This is the status of activity through which your   friends can find out when you   at   last visited   net.

How it works

The activity status is displayed in   Direct. But   Only users can track it.   which the account owner has signed. They will be able to understand, thanks to the new function, how quickly you   will be able to respond to   message.


Activity status is enabled by   default in   profile settings. But   him in   Any time can be turned off manually: for this,   settings, you must find the " Show activity status " section and   disable the function. But   remember: if you   " Erase " your browsing history   - the statuses of friends will also be hidden. All is fair.


While the official announcement of the innovation in the   Instagram is not   It was.

Source: The Next Web