The Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter gadget will charge any device in the car

By: Bohdan Chub | 22.01.2018, 21:18
The Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter gadget will charge any device in the car

Xiaomi presented an interesting novelty for motorists - charger Mi Car Inverter with a socket for connecting the power supply of a laptop, camera, quadrocopter and so on.

What kind of beast?

Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter is a car inverter in a stylish package with the addition of a pair of USB ports on the hinged lid. In this mode, the device outputs current up to 2.4A or 3.1A, if two gadgets (5 V voltage) are simultaneously charged. With the power supply from the outlet, the maximum output power is 100W. The bad news is that the product is focused exclusively on the Chinese market. Unlike the company's network filters, the inverter is not compatible with the European plug. The problem can be solved with an adapter, but then it will each time be removed and hidden in a glove box.

The converter is connected via the cigarette lighter socket. To ensure reliable operation of the inverter, six-level protection is provided (against overloads, short circuits, undervoltage and so on).

Question price

In the home market, the Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter can be ordered for about $ 31. On AliExpress during the action, a 200-watt inverter with four USB ports and two euro-socket outlets can be bought for less than $ 37 . Without claims for design, but no compatibility problems.

Source: Xiaomi