Google named the date and venue of the I / O 2018 using the quest

By: Elena Shcherban | 25.01.2018, 00:00
Google named the date and venue of the I / O 2018 using the quest

Today Google named the date and   The conference venue for developers I / O 2018. But   learn them   only the most savvy, who will successfully pass the traditional quest of   Google.

How to solve the puzzle (carefully, spoilers!)

First there was a post in   Twitter from   chopsticks and   circles, for   which hid the binary code. After solving the riddle, the participant of the quest receives a link , where and   all the fun begins.

We are the first   we get to   reception of the Google developer's office. Here are the tips: date on   calendar on August 5 (National Sister's Day), a picture with   sisters of Bronte, the book " Sister Carrie " and   The summit of the volcanic complex " Three Sisters " on   the TV screen. To go further, you need to answer   question: " Where will the   This year Google I / O? "The correct answer is the sister city (Sister city) Mountain View   - Iwata.


Next we   we get into   room with   The board, where a set of numbers is written. Here it is necessary to unravel the code   - 01 60 80. After that, there are a few more rooms with   prompts for Yam and   Aeschylus, in   As a result, we   we get into   Amphitheater Shoreline. It is here (Amphitheater Shoreline, Mountain View ) with   8th   10   May and   the I / O conference will be held.


New Android

Presumably, in   The first day of the conference Google will introduce a new OS to the world   - Android with   the next " sweet " name. AND   since in   one of   Quests immediately   also rushes into   eyes pineapple cake (Pineapple cake), not   It is excluded, what exactly such name and   will get Android.