SpaceX successfully tested the rocket engines Falcon Heavy (video)

By: Bohdan Chub | 25.01.2018, 10:57
SpaceX successfully tested the rocket engines Falcon Heavy (video)

After numerous delays and transfers SpaceX finally conducted a static fire test of the heavy carrier rocket Falcon Heavy. This is the first time all 27 engines of the first stage worked simultaneously.

Both the Moon and Mars

Falcon Heavy was announced back in 2011. The first flight of the rocket was planned back in 2013, but the development was more complicated. The accelerator consists of three modified first stages of the Falcon 9, which are also planned to be returned to Earth for reuse.

At the moment it is the most powerful missile in the world. It is able to deliver to low earth orbit up to 63.8 tons of cargo, almost three times more than Falcon 9. SpaceX plans to use Falcon Heavy to fly the Moon on a Dragon 2 ship with two space tourists. Also, missions for the delivery of goods to Mars are possible.

Launching soon

Ilon Mask wrote in his Twitter that the test went well, and the debut launch of Falcon Heavy will take place in a week or so. In the summer, he admitted that the chances of success are low: "I hope she will fly off high enough from the pad, so as not to damage her." Nevertheless, the general director of SpaceX did not spare his Tesla Roadster, which will be the first cargo. If everything goes according to plan, the supercar will go in the direction of the orbit of Mars (but it will fly too far from the Red planet itself):

Ready to run

In the 2020s, SpaceX will begin the transition to the new Big Fucking Rocket (BFR), which will in many cases reduce the cost of launches.

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