19-year-old beatcoin-millionaire calls on other millionaires to arrange crypto-revolution

By: Eugene Sherban | 25.01.2018, 13:45
19-year-old beatcoin-millionaire calls on other millionaires to arrange crypto-revolution

Business Insider told about the enterprising 19-year-old boy from   USA, which first put together a fortune on   bitcoins, and   Then he realized that bitcoin was evil, and   he   was not   rights.

His name is Eric Finman. AND   the last six months he   spent in   traveling, trying to convince other bitcoins-millionaires to organize a consortium to create a new crypto currency. Eric, like   the creator of the crypto-currency " ether " Vitalik Buterin, I am sure that bitcoin because of its limitations went into   dead end. It's just an incomprehensible investment tool that does not   works as a currency, and   not   makes the world better, as originally conceived.

What he   proposes

Create a currency that will be protected from   fluctuation of the course. Currency, in   which is not   will be as large a commission as in   bitcoin-networks . A currency that will be understandable to a person as an ordinary coin. Well   and   change the process of mining in   more environmentally friendly and   less energy-consuming channel. A   that's how Eric will create a new crypto currency and   how it will work Business Insider does not   writes. Say, only plans.

Who is this?

Eric first bought bitcoins in   13 years. AT   He left school for 15 years, for the idea of ​​becoming an entrepreneur. When bitcoin has grown and   the state of the guy reached the mark in   $ 1   million, he   won a bet   parents who do not   will study in   college. When the condition of the guy swelled more strongly, he   invested it in   a pack of various crypto-currencies, bought bank bonds and   even created an old-good retirement account.

Source: Business Insider