Acer showed the world's first tablet on Chrome OS

By: Bohdan Chub | 26.01.2018, 10:27
Acer showed the world's first tablet on Chrome OS

Over the past year in the family of hrombukov appeared a lot of hybrid computers with touch screens. The next step will be a complete rejection of the keyboard - Acer brought to the exhibition of educational technologies Bett 2018 in London, a tablet with Chrome OS on board.

This is something new

The official announcement of the novelty has not yet been, so there is no details about the characteristics. The tablet is equipped with a screen with an aspect ratio of 4: 3, a diagonal of 8 or more inches and support for the stylus. At the event it was possible to use the Staedtler digital pen, but whether it is included in the delivery - is unknown. In addition to the desktop Chrome browser and web applications, the operating system allows you to run Android-software (though with varying success and without the ability to work in the background - this function is not expected before the 64th version of the OS).

Last spring, a Chrome tablet with the code name Scarlet, built on the basis of the Rockchip processor, was shown on the network. Perhaps this is the model Acer.

The manufacturer does not say anything about the prices and terms of the device's output.

Source: Chrome Unboxed